Progressive Insanity: Missoula Nursing Home to Admit COVID-19 Patients


Using nursing homes as spill-over for COVID-19 patients has been tried elsewhere, and each time it has lead to deadly results.

As Montanans are told to “trust the experts” at our local health departments, Missoula County officials apparently think it’s a bright idea to use The Village Health and Rehabilitation – an area nursing home – as a place to stash COVID-19 patients recovering from the Chinese Virus.

With 193 beds, the facility seems like a natural place to let coronavirus patients recover…at least on paper. Ellen Leahy, the Missoula City-County Health Officer, said, “It is important that COVID patients who need skilled nursing care in a licensed-facility but do not need hospital care not take up hospital capacity.”

The nursing home promises that it can keep the virus from spreading, with facility spokesman, Amy Rotenberg, pledging, “As with any hospital admission, each situation would be reviewed by the interdisciplinary team to determine if the patient can be safely cared for and that all CDC criteria including transmission based precautions can be met.”

In reality, this is a recipe for disaster. More than 42% of COVID-19 deaths happen in nursing homes, as the elderly are basically the only demographic with realistic coronavirus vulnerability concerns.

No state better recognizes the insanity of placing positive COVID-19 patients into nursing homes as well as the State of New York. Thanks to the ineptness of Governor Cuomo, who decided to place COVID-19 patients in the care of nursing homes to free up space in hospitals, the deadliest outbreak in America’s 8-month COVID history occurred when the majority of its 33,500 deaths due to the virus were caused by stacking patients in nursing facilities. Cuomo has still not answered requests from the Department of Justice regarding how many died in the nursing homes during the governor’s reign of terror on the nursing home population.

The AARP and other senior advocacy groups have encouraged health officials not to place coronavirus patients into facilities full of people who are most suspceptible to COVID-19. The New York Post ran an article entitled, Forcing Nursing Homes to Take Coronavirus Patients is Just Insane…and Evil.

With eight months for local health boards to prepare for the predictable surge of COVID-19 during the regularly-scheduled cold and flu season, and with an unlimited amount of money made available to local hospitals, it’s bizarre that in November the “health experts” are placing coronavirus patients in nursing homes. What have the “health experts” been doing all this time if not thinking of a better gameplan than infesting Montana’s nursing homes with COVID-19?

Every single place nursing homes have stepped in to take COVID-19 patients it has led to unmitigated carnage and death in those nursing homes. Perhaps the “health experts” aren’t experts at all.


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