Bullock Strikes Back: Governor Punishes Montana with Renewed Lockdown Orders


Reeling from a double-digit loss in his race for U.S. Senate and with only weeks left in the governor’s office, Steve Bullock is punishing Montana with renewed lockdown orders. The Montana COVID-19 death rate is still one-third that of Planned Parenthood.

Oddly enough, if you watch the national news you’ll hear that Montana is buckling under the strain of COVID-19. It’s a massive surge, so they tell us, and the lives of tens of thousands of our fellow citizens are hanging in the precarious balance. But far from reality, these claims in the national media about the state of COVID-19 under the Big Sky are due to catastrophizing and hyperbolizing public laments by Bullock’s DPHHS officials who are trying to maintain their authoritarian grip over a state that has quickly tired of their dramatics.

In reality, Montana’s spike in COVID-19 cases is commensurate with the increase in testing. Over-all the actual numbers of those with COVID-19 have been fairly steady since mid-summer, even though most of those cases went untested. Herd immunity is likely at a tipping point, as a substantial percentage of Montana’s population has already had the Chinese Virus. Regardless off how many have contracted the illness, it’s clear that few will die of it. There have been 500 deaths of those with COVID-19 (like everywhere else, this number is conflated with those who have died from COVID-19). Over half of those who have died with the virus are nursing home residents and the large swath of others had debilitating co-morbidities. While Intensive Care beds are are nearly full in our larger hospitals, they are almost always nearly full – even when it’s not cold and flu season. Meanwhile, we have more ventilators than it appears we could use in a dozen similar pandemics and field hospitals made by the Montana National Guard have yet to house a single patient

In other words, we’re going to be fine.

However, Governor Bullock seems intent on strangling Montana’s economy and doing as much damage to it as humanly possible before leaving office. He has now implemented new lockdown orders and – as usual – they border more on superstition than science.

This order, unlike the last one, states that people must wear masks in all counties – even if there’s zero cases of COVID-19 in those counties. Likewise, the governor is limiting gatherings (excluding school and worship) to 25 people. Apparently, COVID-19 cannot spread at school or worship (whew, close one). And finally, scientists must have discovered the nocturnal nature of the Wuhan Flu, considering a curfew can help stop its spread. Does it only come out at night, or how does this work?

As one bar owner said online, “Bullock just cut my income by 50%, at least.”

There are no more funds available for business owners who will suffer because of these new mandates. Montana is suffering, but it’s not from COVID-19. It’s suffering because of the government response to COVID-19. And Governor Bullock seems intent on hurting as many people on his way out of office as possible.


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