Democrat Health Nurse Tells Republican Lawmakers to Stay Out of Helena


A number of low-level health bureacrats, drunk on their sudden power given by Governor Steve Bullock, have arisen as object-lessons in the corrupting influence of authority. The names of a few of these more notorious baby Pol Pots and menopausal Mussolinis have risen to public view largely thanks to their unmitigated orgy of usurped political power in their unelected offices. Names like Raquel Williams (Carter County), John Felton (Yellowstone County), and Meagan Spry (Central Montana Health District) have all made the news for confusing their office with something out of the Third Reich. But none of them seem to have the shrieking, hysterical rage as Drenda Niemann of Lewis & Clark County.

After remaining quiet regarding mass protests for liberal causes, Lewis & Clark health officer, Drenda Niemann, announced her plans to do whatever possible to charge the Steed Brothers – organizers of the conservative Freedom Rally – with numerous civil and criminal offenses for daring to provide hay bales for their attendees to sit on and not requiring participants wear masks. Meanwhile, Niemann did nothing about Steve Bullock attending a crowded ballgame without a mask, which was caught on camera. Later, Niemann claimed – without an iota of evidence – that the Freedom Rally was a super-spreader event, although she admittedly could not tie a single case of COVID-19 exposure directly to the event. Instead, she went on a fishing expedition to try her damndest to find some way to blame Republicans for COVID-19 spread.

Niemann has been one or two steps ahead of Governor Bullock each time he implemented a new, draconian and ineffectual social distancing measure, demanding events of over 50 people be canceled long before the Governor issued such a decree.

And now, the Democrat progressive health officer who has repeatedly used her unelected position to punish conservatives is warning Republican lawmakers to stay out of Helena for caucus events and pre-swearing in orientations.

In a letter written to elected leaders, the mid-level health bureaucrat scolded them, “This request comes as the state of Montana as well as Lewis and Clark County are experiencing a sharp increase in daily COVID-19 case incidence, hospitals are stretched beyond capacity to serve our communities and we are losing our neighbors, friends and family to this disease.”

Catastrophize much? Montana’s Planned Parenthood has killed three times as many babies in 2020 as the Wuhan Flu has killed in total within our state’s borders.

Although the letter did not single out Republicans, it is clear to whom Neimann was addressing, as Democrats are caucusing and doing their orientations remotely on Wednesday.

It is highly suspected the elected legislators from all over the beautiful, large state of Montana will given Niemann’s wagging-finger suggestions all the attention it deserves (and promptly ignore it).


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