Editors Picks Montana Sees Record Gun Sales in 2020, With Much...

Montana Sees Record Gun Sales in 2020, With Much of America Following Suit


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As the data from the National Criminal Background Check System (NCIS) indicates, gun sales in 2020, compared to 2019, have soared to previously unseen heights; with year-over-year sales in Montana, for example, reaching 45% higher than this time last year.

Image Courtesy of www.thetrace.org

The good folks of Montana certainly like their firearms, as a deeper dive into the NCIS clearly indicates. Historically, Montana has been in the top ten in highest guns per capita for many years, ranking number 6 in 2019, according to the Chattanooga Times Free Press.

What is much more surprising, however, is the tremendous increases in gun sales from parts of the country which were previously considered anti-firearm strongholds. For example, Illinois enjoyed a 59% increase, Washington State racked-up an 88% increase, New Jersey saw a most impressive 195% increase, and the District of Columbia lead the pack with a whopping 322% increase in gun sales over last year.

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With crime in major cities on the rise, with hardened criminals being released back onto the streets, and with talk of defunding the police reaching a fever-pitch, people in Conservative and Liberal areas alike have decided to arm themselves for protection.

According to the latest numbers available from 2019, there are approximately 390 million firearms in the hands of Americans across all fifty states, with that number quickly approaching the 400 million mark, as the numbers for 2020 gun purchases rise.

As the statistics reveal time and time again, there is no doubt that those on the right and those on the left like their guns and cannot seem to purchase them quickly enough. However, if you think that will stop the gun-grabbers from making another push to disarm the populace, you’ve got another thing coming.

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