Video: Correlation Curve Data Shows Montana Does NOT Have a COVID-19 Crisis


David Morrill, an entrepreneur and tech guru with the Gideon Knox Group, appeared on Montana Daily Gazette Radio with graphs and charts in hand. The native Coloradan has been explaining for some time that the Centennial State is exaggerating COVID-19 testing data to catastrophize its risks to public health. Montana Daily Gazette publisher, JD Hall, asked Morrill to look at Montana’s COVID-19 data, prepare the data, and then debrief James White on our daily newscast.

According to Morrill, the best COVID-19 data does not show that the novel coronavirus is “spiking” in the Big Sky State. As with Colorado, an increase in positive cases is correlational with an increase in testing. Meanwhile, it appears that the virus is no more deadly and affecting no more people than it has all summer.

Showing data downloaded from Montana’s COVID-19 stats, Morrill put together a correlational curve chart that shows a rather steady and flat COVID-19 cases. Showing hospitalizations, the data actually shows fewer and fewer severe cases of the virus and fewer people feeling the consequences of the virus.

What the charts show is that testing is causing positive cases to trend upwards, but only “fuzzy math” leads one to believe this reflects a crisis and not testing protocol.

As Morrill states, “All this is good news for Montana. This is not some kind of reason to lock down.”

Watch below (or to watch the entire episode, click here).


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