Montana’s COVID-Fearing Clergy Demand People Stop Going to Worship


So far in 2020, COVID-19 has killed only a third as many people in Montana as Planned Parenthood. Right now, our hospitals are far from overwhelmed, our ventilators are largely unused, and the only ones panicking are health care “experts” who largely enjoy trips to the podium to catastrophize the situation in front of the cameras. The ‘pandemic’ in the Big Sky State has seen overall death rates go down in 2020. And – as with the rest of the country – the .04% of people dying with COVID-19 mostly have one foot in the grave already.

Nonetheless, some left-leaning Montana clergy members – about 35 thus far – have signed on to a statement demanding that people of faith stay home from worship.

Led by a Rabbi from the Whitefish area, Francine Green Roston, the document was placed hastily and haphazardly as a Google document online. The statement was drafted from another, earlier pledge posted by the Wisconsin Council of Churches, a progressive “Christian” coalition of “churches” that support the Democratic Party, abortion rights, the LGBTQ “community,” transgenderism, and illegal immigration. When they aren’t systematically contradicting the Ten Commandments on almost every single point, they apparently have time to tell people to stay home from church.

Quoting the Montana Department of Health and Human Services as though it were canonized Scripture, the document reads, “The Montana Department of Public Health & Human Services has issued an order to keep public gatherings limited to 50 people in Phase 2. Houses of worship have been exempted from this requirement. However, as faith leaders, we pledge to steward the health of all by prioritizing remote worship and other activities until this crisis has passed.”

The signers of the Montana clergy statement, most of whom support abortion rights, say that it’s their committment to the sanctity of life that leads them to request parishioners stay home.

It reads, “We the undersigned clergy, representing diverse faith communities across the State of Montana, pledge to do all in our power to keep our congregations and communities healthy and safe in the midst of this pandemic. While we have varying practices and theologies, all our traditions hold life as sacred and believe the imperative to protect and preserve life outweighs all other considerations.”

Montana Daily Gazette’s publisher, JD Hall, happens to also be a Montana clergy member. Hall also recently recovered from COVID-19 himself, stating on his Facebook page…

We asked Hall for comment on the clergy members encouraging people to stay home from worship.

Hall told us, “Let’s be honest. These aren’t real clergy. These are rainbow-bedazzled spiritual-but-not-religious shaman and ecumenical witchdoctors who pass out Jello-shots at gay pride events. These are the types of clergy who do pet-blessings and who open their Bibles only at Christmas. These pastors are impostors. They’re not men of God, but community activists who treat church like an even more fragile version of the Girl Scouts. These clergy members are oddly masculine women and fabulous, feminine men who use the Bible for sermon anecdotes. They’re little more the Democrat activists who dress up rampant progressivism in sequined robes on Sunday.”

Hall continued, “Real pastors tell their church members to be at church on Sunday and stop living life like they’re terrified of chest cold. People go to work five or six days a week. They go to the grocery store three times a week. They venture into public literally every day. Claiming that avoiding church is somehow the key to stopping COVID-19 is an adventure in brain-dead religiosity.”

He added, “The Bible says something about these people. Jesus called them ‘blind guides’ and said to disregard them.”

“Virtual church does not exist,” Hall said. “The term ecclesia – or church – means ‘a called out assembly.’ You can’t assemble online. You can’t take Communion over the Internet. You can’t sing to one another ‘hymns, psalms, and spiritual songs’ via Zoom. All you can do online is watch some want-to-be religious celebrity give some insufferable life lessons talking into a webcam.”

He concluded, “Thankfully, clergy like that never have anything worth saying anyway. And when they do talk, it’s usually with a lisp.”

[Editor’s Note: Contributed by MT Daily Gazette Editor, James White]


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