Secret Emails Show Montana Health Official Threatening to Quit Because She Can’t Have Unlimited Power


In emails released to the Montana Daily Gazette, an overbearing and intrusive health officer from the Central Montana Health District is threatening to resign because law enforcement won’t support her attempts to violate the liberty of citizens.

The Montana Daily Gazette first covered Meagan Spry’s reign of terror over the Central Montana Health District on October 29. The story was horrific; Spry acted as a newly appointed despot, irrespective of anyone’s constitutional liberty, to harass innocent citizens who weren’t complying with Governor Bullock’s various illegal mandates. The story got worse from there.

Heather Josephs and her husband, Russ Huck, decided to post a message on their business’ Facebook page alerting the public that Huck would not be wearing a mask at his place of business, a small engine repair shop. However, Huck explained that he worked alone and if people didn’t want to venture into the building due to COVID-19 concerns they could leave their machinery outside and mail him a payment later. Soon, Meagan Spry saw the Facebook post and considered it a personal offense to her unregulated power. That’s when the trouble began.

Spry, the registered sanitarian in Lewistown, contacted Huck via voicemail and left threatening messages and promised she had the power to shut down his business. With much wisdom, Huck and Josephs contacted their local sheriff who explained that Spry is not “law enforcement” as she claimed. A complaint was filed that Spry was impersonating a police officer and stepping while outside the bounds of her authority.

When it became clear that Spry did not have the support of law enforcement to go around threatening citizens, Child Protective Services – under the auspices of the Montana Department of Health and Human Services – visited the Josephs-Huck household to harass their minor child on the grounds that he is educated at home. Observers of the situation believe that Spry recruited her colleagues at DPHHS to intimidate the family out of anger that the sheriff would not support her bullying.

As reported previously, Spry is responsible for what might be the worst, most intellectually vapid claim made to date in Montana regarding Governor Bullock’s mask mandates. Spry told ABC News, “Anybody that is not in compliance with that directive is in violation of the law essentially because they are in violation of a direct order. So, that’s what makes the mandate a law. That makes it enforceable by us, by law enforcement.”

Not only is a registered sanitarian not “law enforcement,” but a direct order is not a law. Laws are passed by legislatures or by ballot initiatives, not decreed by an officer in the executive branch of government.

Well, it seems that Spry has just about had enough of not wielding unconditional power and totalitarian authority. Emails released to the Montana Daily Gazette show Spry incensed that the sheriff will not follow the orders of an unelected mid-level bureaucrat.

Spry claimed that there is a “felony intimidation case going to court” because one of “her” licensed businesses threatened her after she explained they were “under emergency laws right now” (note: as stated, these aren’t “laws”).

It is unknown to what Spry refers to, although sources in Lewistown claim that there is no such felony intimidation case going to court. In fact, the only one that may be charged with a crime for felony intimidation is Meagan Spry, with the evidence of her harassing phone calls to taxpayers.

In frustration, Spry writes, “The problem we are facing is that our Sheriff will NOT assist with anything COVID related, and our CA is well aware, so we can’t issue a Cease and Desist and I can’t do a standard inspection because I’ve been told by the business owner to “watch my back.”

Please notice that Spry is actively looking for a way to prosecute citizens for non-crimes, even when local law enforcement will not support her draconian Nazisms.

Spry says, “I am on the verge of quitting because we do not get assistance and cases are rising because of it.” In reality, by all accounts, cases are rising because testing is rising, and Montana is not having a COVID-19 related crisis.

Imagine that. A woman drunk on the slightest bit of power, incensed that law enforcement isn’t cracking the skulls of law-abiding taxpayers, who conspires with DPHHS to harass citizens, seems surprised that people are calling her names and “personally attacking” her.

Well, that’s what happens to teapot dictators and bureacratic tyrants. Spry should indeed quit while she’s ahead before DPHHS is investigated by the Gianforte administration and their regime of harassment is more fully exposed.


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