Missoula Uses COVID-19 Funds Designated For Small Businesses on Luxury Homeless Camp


As if Montana’s leading liberal city wasn’t enough like Southern California already, bleeding heart leftists are trying to make the great outdoors even more hospitable to the transient homeless and vagrants.

Missoula, also known as Little California or California North, is trying to make their community more accomodating to the troublesome homeless population that is attracted to the city for their various handouts to the intentionally poor.

With real estate being at a premium and there being sparce indoor space to accomodate Missoula’s growing homeless population, it looks like they’ll now be better attended to outside. Currently there are 40-50 vagrants encamped at the Reserve Street Bridge, where they defecate in the bushes and urinate in the Clark Fork River. Their trash regularly overflows into adjacent lots and occasionally pollutes the river, along with the content of their bowels.

But if local leftists have anything to do about it, the squatting-ground will look more like a KOA campground in coming days.

The new “facility” will include 20 two-person tents, showers and laundry, trash removal, food, handwashing stations, a heated wall-tent and wellness screenings. Additionally, it will be staffed around the clock and residents will have access to outreach and case management workers. And in case they get cold in those tents, they’ll be provided with zero-degree sleeping bags and heated blankets.

This will cost more than one-hundred thousand dollars. Where will they get the funding? The groups are acquiring the funds from the COVID-19 CARES Act funds designed to help small businesses.

The Missoulian says, “United Way of Missoula County, Hope Rescue Mission and the Missoula County Office of Emergency Management plan to pay for much of the estimated $100,000 cost of running the temporary shelter all winter by utilizing federal and state funding that is available for COVID-19 mitigation.”

Of course, spending the CARES Act money in this way will not help small businesses and it was not given so that Missoula’s homeless population can be more pampered amidst their drug abuse and recreational slothfulness.


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