Entertainment Warning: 'Boone and Crockett' Becomes Environmental Extremist Organization

Warning: ‘Boone and Crockett’ Becomes Environmental Extremist Organization


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An American institution for 133 years, the Boone and Crockett Club has now embraced an anti-capitalist, anti-American position that is bound to disappoint its many nationwide members.

Since 1887, the Boone and Crockett Club has supported hunters and sportsmen and advocated for the conservation of wildlife. Since its founder, Theodore Roosevelt, the organization has steered away from catastrophizing environmental doomsday predictions that have both mired and typified the environmental movement. Its newest leadership, however, has seen fit to direct the organization into adopting the most extreme anti-industry and anti-capitalism positions.

In a new position statement on so-called “climate change” the organization writes, “The Boone and Crockett Club today released its policy position statement on climate change, outlining recommendations to reduce carbon emissions, promote natural climate solutions, and invest in carbon reduction technologies.”

The statement blames man-made climate change, and mostly carbon emissions, for environmental phenomena that have existed since well before the time of Theodore Roosevelt. Boone and Crocket, however, prefer to blame automobiles for things like fires and weather patterns.

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The statement reads, “Those of us who spend time in the field hunting have seen firsthand the effects of changing weather patterns through catastrophic wildfires, severe coastal storms, and extremes of droughts or floods.”

Of course, weather patterns change about four times a year and there have always been wildfires, severe coastal storms, and severe droughts and floods long before industrialization.

Advocating a money-making scheme that punishes producers called cap-and-tax, Boone and Crocket says, “To help reduce carbon emissions, the Club supports policy that allows governments and stakeholders to reduce carbon emissions through a market-based carbon price mechanism that provides sufficient flexibility and economic protections.”

In other words, they want to tax you for breathing, tax your cows for farting, and tax your vehicle for getting you places.

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Boone and Crockett is headquartered, unsurprisingly, in Missoula (also known by locals as Little California). Their budget is a whopping 48 million dollars per year and they have upwards of 260 employees. The organization is mostly known for their antler scoring system and awards program for trophy hunters.


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