Montana Daily Gazette Overtakes Billings Gazette as #1 Online Montana News Source


The demand for honest, truthful reporting is so high in the Big Sky State and the supply is so low that a publication that launched only in February has now become officially the #1 online news source in Montana. It’s quite incredible to watch.

Lee Enterprises, which owns the Billings Gazette and several other of the state’s largest newspapers is going broke, has been warned by the New York Stock Exchange that they’re losing too much money to remain a publicly traded company, and is laying off staff around the country. Meanwhile, alternative and independent online news is thriving.

Despite being demonetized by Facebook and other tech-giants for telling the truth on COVID-19 and Antifa radicals setting fires to the West Coast, Montanans are still flocking to our website via their web browser to find out what’s happening that’s newsworthy. We have nobody to thank but God, our patrons/readers, and liberal newspapers who don’t know their ankle from their elbow when it comes to real journalism.

As of today, the Montana Daily Gazette enjoys a U.S. web-rank on Alexa (the defacto web-ranking serving on the Internet) of 23,350.

The Billings Gazette, by comparison, is ranked in the U.S. at 25,477.

Other statewide newspapers fair far worse. The Helena Independent Record ranks at 105,921. The Bozeman Chronicle ranks at 26,575. The Great Falls Tribune ranks at 67,800. The Daily Inter Lake ranks at 26,036. The Montana Standard ranks at ranks at 108,360. Smaller newspapers like the liberal Sidney Herald rank at zero (meaning almost no one reads it).

Thank you so much to our faithful readers.


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