Montana Health Official Resigns Because She Wasn’t Given Dictatorial Powers


The woman resigned with an epic hissy fit in the form of a swan song letter, angrily denouncing the Flathead County Commissioners for not letting her have unilateral control of the county and their citizens’ lives.

“Don’t let the door hit you on the way out,” is how one Flathead County resident commented on a Facebook post about the resignation of Tamalee St. James Robinson from the Flathead Public Health Officer.

Robinson’s last day will be December 31, if county commissioners are generous enough to let the temper tantrum-throwing overlord serve until the end of the year. If this were anything but public service, the paroxysmal little potentate wouldn’t have been given two weeks, let alone more than a month, to stamp her feet about like a demanding toddler.

In a letter dated November 27, Robinson scolded the County Commissioners and the Board of Health (which consists of the Commissioners and those appointed by the Commissioners) to support “even the most basic recommendations regarding mask usage, along with any type of recommended group meeting restrictions, has not only increased public health risk, it has demonstrated a clear lack of support for the county health department.”

Robinson, like so many elbow-throwing mid-level health bureaucrats, is angry that elected officials are serving the needs and desires of the electorate and not kowtowing to unelected bureaucrats like Robinson who insist that masks and social distancing are key to stopping the spread of a virus that will kill no more people than the typical seasonal flu.

In reality, there is no scientific, medical, or empirical evidence that masks or distancing stops the spread of COVID-19. What there is, however, are politicians and fanaticial, hysterical “health experts” who are happy to violate the First Amendment rights to peacefully assemble or constitutional liberties to conduct commerce unempeded by reason or medical research. The Flathead County Commissioners and Board of Health have been hesitant to violate their residents’ rights, a consideration that does not seem to have weighed into Robinson’s thinking whatsoever.

Winning the Einstein award for self-unawareness, Robinson wrote, “This lack of support has undermined morale within health office personnel, leading to numerous resignations. As a result, my department has been continuously understaffed in key positions which makes it difficult to respond in a timely manner and mitigate the rapidly rising numbers of COVID 19 in our community.”

Robinson resigned, just so we are clear, because there is a staff shortage.


Good riddance to bad rubbish, and it appears that the Flathead will be far better off without an out-of-control, overly-emotional, hysterical health officer at the helm of its COVID-19 response.


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