Montana’s Communist Legislator Explains His Marxist Goals for the Big Sky State


Little California, also known as Missoula, just elected a Communist legislator. Danny Tenenbaum just did a Q&A with the Missoulian newspaper and laid out his agenda and goals to turn the Big Sky State into a different kind of red.

Missoula is known for being radically liberal, especially when compared to the rest of the state which voted overwhelmingly twice for President Donald J. Trump and elected every Republican for statewide office this election with double-digits. But that doesn’t stop Danny Tenenbaum – who is endorsed by the Democratic Socialists of the United States – from providing a wishlist of Commie-Red goals to pass this legislative session.

Tenenbaum told the Missoulian that he hoped to capitalize (*ahem*) on COVID-19 to provide a post-COVID world some of the benefits it received when we still thought that coronavirus posed a serious health risk. Tenenbaum said, “Our first priority has to be helping everyday Montanans survive and rebound from the pandemic. This means expanded unemployment assistance sent directly to Montanans without delay. No more clawbacks from the state or months of waiting in limbo.”

How paying people not to work could possibly rebound an economy, Tenenbaum did not explain. But then again, few have accused Communists of understanding macro-economics.

Despite the medical community proving that it could handle what little threat COVID-19 legitimately poses, Tenenbaum insists that Montana adopt a socialist healthcare system, saying, “we have to end the for-profit model of health care. It’s time to begin moving to a single-payer system like Medicare For All.”

Tenenbaum also said that the state should be stealing from some of its residents to provide free housing, free childcare, and other “free” goodies to the less fortunate.

And how can this wishlist of Communist goods be paid for? Tenenbaum said, “Tax the rich, plain and simple. It’s time to end the era of politicians protecting the rich. Our income and capital-gains tax laws are written by and for the hyper wealthy. Let’s rewrite them to help out everyday Montanans.”

Tenenbaum did not explain how the “rich” are to be defined, but if it’s like how Democrats across the country are defining it, it probably includes everyone who graduated highschool and excelled at working in the private sector. In other words, the “rich” usually includes everyone not on some form of public assistance.

The Montana Daily Gazette is unaware of where Tenenbaum will be sitting in the Montana legislature, but we hope it will be somewhere near Llew Jones, who will probably be more sensitive to his socialist tendencies than most.


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  1. who wrote this shit! I guess you’re fine with staying a broke ass peasant pretending that you will one day be part of the ruling class, well you won’t and oligarchs will profit off the work of many and convince you that you will become one if too if you work real hard.


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