Here is the Petition to Recall Montana House Speaker, Rep. Wylie Galt


Conservatives aren’t happy, and it looks like the 2021 legislative session in Montana won’t start off with unity, despite a Red Wave that saturated the Big Sky State in the primary and general election. And to prove their angst, conservatives are trying to recall the newly elected Speaker of the House, Wylie Galt.

Vidkun Quisling, executed for crimes against his own people and for siding with the enemy’s occupying force.

Vidkun Abraham Lauritz Jonssøn Quisling was a Norwegian politician and Nazi collaborator who ran the government of Norway while it was being occupied by Nazi Germany in WWII. After the war, Quisling was put on trial for treason against the people of Norway, was convicted, and then summarily executed by firing squad in 1945. Today, the term “Quisling” is synonymous with a coward who serves an occupying force rather than his native homeland.

In Montana, our own Quisling is Llew Jones. For 16 years of Democratic reign over Montana in which Governors Schweitzer and Bullock ruled with near-dictatorial power over the state, Jones was a Republican who served the two monarchs faithfully. Anything they wanted, Jones fought for – and not as a Democrat – but as a Republican. Ordinarily, a division and balance of power would be in place between the legislature and the governor’s office but unfortunately, Jones built a strong coalition of Republicans in Name Only (RINOs) who would buck GOP leadership to kill GOP bills and promote Democrat ones.

Jones, who ran unopposed in the primary, survived the Red Wave. Seven of his top compatriots, however, did not. Conservatives were hopeful that the treatment of Jones at the hands of Republican leadership would be similar to that of Vidkun Quisling, albeit that his punishment be a good banishing to obscurity rather than actual execution. What other treatment is fitting for a man who was essential to Democrat governors running roughshod over Republican legislators for more than a decade and a half?

Although different reasons for Galt’s appointment of Jones have been alleged – some more charitable than others – the reasons don’t seem sufficient to the conservatives who fought tooth, fang, and claw to end Jones’ less-than-magnanimous control of the Montana House.

The petition that was first reported by the Montana Daily Gazette here has now been posted at iPetition. The organizer of the document is (former) Senator Ed Butcher (R-Winifred) of the party loyalty scoring organization, Legistats. There are several small but inconsequential revisions from the rough draft posted earlier by the Gazette over the weekend.

Read the petition below (and click the link below to sign it):

WHEREAS: For far too long, Helena insiders and the political establishment have controlled the legislative process. For sixteen years, Llew Jones and other Solutions Caucus members have routinely sided with Democrats to thwart Republican House leadership.

WHEREAS: During the 2019 Legislative session, this handful of Republicans joined with Democrats more than two hundred times to grow government, raise taxes, and hand Governor Bullock nearly every item on his far-left wish list.

WHEREAS: In the 2020 Primary, grassroots Montanans turned out in great numbers to vote these liberal Republican the “Democrat Wing” out of office resulting in Rep. Jones losing seven of his loyal supporters. In the General Election, conservatives created a Red Wave by winning every statewide office and giving Republicans a supermajority in both the House and Senate.

WHEREAS: Voters were clear: They want the lower taxes and smaller government which Governor-elect Gianforte has pledged to implement.

WHEREAS: Instead of putting conservatives in charge of the state’s budget, new House Speaker Wylie Galt (who won his speakership by one vote), has placed Rep. Llew Jones’ as chairman of Appropriations, perhaps the most important and powerful committee in the Montana House of Representatives.

WHEREAS: After 16 years of Democrats controlling the Governorship, we deserve an open government process. This must start with an open-ballot [Roll-Call vote] for a new election for Speaker of the House. Voters deserve to know that Republicans will act according to the conservative mandate granted them in the 2020 primary and general elections.

WHEREAS: We have lost confidence in Rep. Galt for placing a Solutions Caucus fake Republican in a position of powerful leadership as one of his first acts as Speaker of the House.

WHEREAS: In order to restore integrity in our state government, we are calling for a new election for 2021 Speaker of the House – with legislators publicly stating on record their choice so that they might be held accountable for that vote in their next primary.


You can sign the petition here.


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