Pro-Lifers Arrested for Protesting Dead Babies Being Sent to Montana for Research


[The Federalist] A group of pro-life activists were arrested outside Zuckerberg Hospital, affiliated with the University of California San Francisco (UCSF), in mid-November for peacefully protesting the research hospital’s use of aborted fetuses at a range of gestational ages for publicly-funded experimental studies.

As a longtime fetal tissue research center, UCSF has conducted and published numerous studies using the tissue of aborted babies, including some in which fetal intestines and reproductive tracts were transplanted into rodents. UCSF has a history of establishing contracts with abortion providers to keep up their supply of fetal tissue. In September of 2018, Health and Human Services canceled a contract between UCSF and the National Institutes of Health that guaranteed researchers two fetuses per month for a period of six years.

The pro-life protesters, who belong to the Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust organization, are being represented by the Life Legal Defense Foundation. An arraignment hearing has been scheduled for Dec. 11.

“Our position is that this is an unlawful arrest, as the pro-lifers were engaged in constitutionally protected speech on a public sidewalk,” Alexandra Snyder, executive director of Life Legal Defense Foundation, told The Federalist. “This appears to be an attempt to suppress the dissemination of information in order to protect UCSF.”

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What The Federalist does not report is that these dead Californian babies were being sent to Hamilton Montana. We covered this part of the story in the article back in June, “Government Paid to Smuggle Dead Babies, Fresh, Never Frozen, into Montana.”

As previously covered by the Montana Daily Gazette, a lab in Hamilton, Montana, is being investigated by government watchdogs for (illegally) importing dead baby parts to conduct research on how to make “humanized mice.” Montana’s own “Island of Dr. Moreau” is the National Institutes of Health, headquartered in Hamilton, and the research is downright horrific.

Designed to conjoin human DNA with that of mice, the project was headed up by Democrat activist and scientist, Kim Hasenkrug. Read more about Montana’s dead baby imports here.


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