Headlines Why is Montana's Democrat Junk-Blog Infatuated with Randy Pinocci?

Why is Montana’s Democrat Junk-Blog Infatuated with Randy Pinocci?


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Montana’s de facto Democrat blogger, Don Pogreba, threw an epic hissy fit over Public Service Commissioner, Randy Pinocci, traveling internationally to attend a conference.

This was the 29th blog post targeting prominent conservative firebrand, Randy Pinocci, to appear at the Montana Post. At this point, calling Pogreba infatuated with the Public Service Commissioner is an understatement. It’s more along the lines of an obsession.

In reality, Pogreba’s fascination with Pinocci is perfectly understandable. Pinocci is one of the most conservative elected officials in Montana and is a stalwart pro-life, pro-gun, pro-God conservative who makes no apologies and gives no excuses, who was as successful in the private sector as in public service. Pogreba, on the other hand, is a Comintern school teacher, thinks abortion is acceptable up until the age of whatever and believes that guns are responsible for violence. But for whatever his devotion to round-the-clock Pinocci coverage, it’s safe to say that Pogreba stays perpetually offended.

Recently, Pinocci attended the Red Pill Expo at Jekkyl Island in the nation of Georgia. The conference, organized by G. Edward Griffin, is explicitly anti-globalist and attracts attendees from a wide swath of different ideologies who are devoted to individualism. This, it seems, is what gives the Red Pill Expo most of the hate thrown its way by liberals who are devoted to collectivism (the underlying ideology of Communism).

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Serving as essentially a Burning Man for conservative intellectuals, a place in which anyone can discuss anything – a living, vibrant boutique in the Marketplace of Ideas – topics often include economics, government, and the environment. The conference is supported by Freedom Force International, which is devoted to “human flourishing and human dignity.”

Sounds craa-aa-aa-zy right? Well, Pogreba thinks so anyway.

The wild-eyed, unhinged leftist recently accused Pinocci of “believing this gathering is providing him useful information.” Well…yeah. That’s kind of the point. Information is power.

Drawing from the Cultural Marxism playbook, Pogreba attacks his ideological opponents (like literally, all of them) with Identity Politics and Critical Theory, in this case accusing the Red Pill Expo of being “anti-Semitic,” drawing heavily from a Washington Post article eviscerating conservative radio host, Glenn Beck, for hosting Griffin on his program. According to the article written originally by Dana Milbank – a WaPo columnist who insists that Joe Biden is a “moderate” – Beck is bad because Griffin at some point in his life cited a pamphlet that is bad. Playing a political version of Six Degrees from Kevin Bacon, Pogreba makes the same “point” in relation to Randy Pinocci.

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Amidst the accusations of anti-Semitism – untethered from empirical evidence, facts, or logic – Pogreba might have missed a prominent section of the Red Pill Expo website that explicitly denounces ethnic or religious hatred of any kind (see below).

Pogreba doesn’t seem to let organization rules and explicit conference principles get in the way of a good anti-anti-Semitic conspiracy theory. By the way, Pinocci got back recently from the Nation of Israel, with whom he was working to solve Montana’s coal crisis while on a religious pilgrimage of his own. It could go unstated, but will not: Israel has no greater friend in Montana than Commissioner Pinocci. Accusations of “anti-Semitism” from Pogreba are as sincere as Jussie Smollett’s noose; it’s the profane capitalization on real problems with fake allegations. It’s the equivalent of Hillary Clinton, while spending 30 years harassing her husband’s sex abuse victims, claiming someone else is anti-woman. The claim is absurd.

Likewise, as with any conference with thousands of attendeees, there was indeed a diversity of thought on various topics. Pogreba gave a laundry list of what he feels are troublesome viewpoints of those in attendance, but the expo clearly states that it values diversity (the real kind of diversity, not the fake kind that’s dependent upon melanin count or genital features).

At the heart of Pogreba’s hissy seems to be his angst that the Red Pill Expo has little to do with the Public Service Commission. And while energy is certainly discussed there from time to time, Pogreba is mostly right on this point, although he still is leading an expedition in the adventure of missing the point. Pinocci wasn’t on public business and paid for his own travel.

Meanwhile, Pinocci currently has the highest job attendance on the Public Service Commission. Compared to – for example – Commissioner Roger Koopman, Pinocci’s days on-the-job dwarf most others in statewide office. He is among the hardest working men in Montana’s public sector, and a few days off the coast of Georgia is hardly a liability for the Big Sky State.

One genuinely has to wonder why Don Pogreba is so fixated on Randy Pinocci. Perhaps Pogreba is concerned that Pinocci – a popular and energetic figure in Montana politics – might be onward and upward after he’s done serving the PSC.


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