The Montana Swamp: Senator Jon Tester Bought Votes from Tribal Members – Video Proof


Much of the country is awakening to the fact that the current election process is rife with errors, and even more troubling, seems to have been deliberately “gamed” to favor the establishment candidate in numerous states.

The act of committing election fraud is as old as elections themselves. In fact, evidence of election fraud dates back to at least 120 B.C. within the Roman Empire. Closer to home, who can forget the naked corruption and fraud that characterized by nearly 2 centuries of Tammany Hall politics in New York? No, election fraud is far from a new idea.

As the 2020 election languishes into its second month, the complexity and, paradoxically, the foolishness of the attempted theft of the election is something bordering on bizarre; and is most certainly criminal. Currently, the focus of the fraud is centered on the “swing states,” which seems to have had the most organized network of criminal operatives. Election theft, however, is certainly not confined to the swing states, but even sparsely populated states like Montana have experienced election theft.

Montana is known as the Treasure State due to the vast amount of resources and riches contained under the soil, throughout the numerous forest lands, and inside the towering mountain ranges which dominate parts of the vast landscape. Whether it be oil, gold, timber, or silver, the potential for tremendous wealth awaits those who can break the grip of the “greenies” to realize Montana’s full potential.

For those voters on Tribal lands who are unwilling to wait things out for tremendous wealth, minor wealth seems to become available, oddly enough, right around each election time. Tribal members who are willing to sell their vote can receive a check, cash, or a cash card for their scandalous efforts.

With much of the federal funding doled out to the Native American tribes ending up in the pockets of their respective tribal councils, the temptation of tribal members to sell their vote for cash is too much for some to resist. And, in 2006, the purchased Native American votes may have been the catalyst to put Jon Tester over the top against incumbent Conrad Burns, who lost by a razor-thin margin of 0.87%.

Jon Tester knew he was going to be in for the fight of his life when he ran against Burns. Burns had won his three previous elections, even prevailing against Brian Schweitzer, Montana’s well-funded future Governor, in 2000. How did Jon Tester’s team plan on ensuring a victory in his race against Burns? Well, they did what every crook throughout history has done and they gamed the system. In this case, Tester’s team paid Crow Tribal members $40 for each vote. The cancelled checks are provided in the video below.

As of this writing, the 2020 election for President of the United States is still undecided. There is overwhelming proof of rampant voter fraud in numerous states and the amount of sworn affidavits number in the hundreds. There were those in Montana paying attention in 2006 who had proof of fraud as well, but the evidence fell on deaf ears to those responsible for ensuring justice. Let’s pray that the long arm of the law finds and prosecutes those responsible for the fraud in 2020; for our nation’s survival may depend upon it.

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