Op-Ed: Flathead County Commissioners Won’t Tolerate Tyranny



In Flathead County, there is a distinctive trend. And that trend is FREEDOM. Of all the counties within the state of Montana, Flathead County is without a doubt the most fearless, unified, and autonomous.

County Commissioners are the pulse and heartbeat of a community as well as the head (next to the Sheriff). They lead, guide, direct, and give each county its unique personality. And to what degree they do that and do it well, empowers and filters down to the rest of the community. Some commissioners are just more emboldened and brave than others.

Randy Brodehl, Pamela Holmquist, and Phil Mitchell are the three County Commissioners who reside over Flathead County. They are valiant and courageous individuals.

Randy Brodehl is a true Patriot. He puts God and family first and his duty to his community comes next. Randy does not back down on freedom and stands firmly on the Montana State and US Constitution. Brodehl stated in October, “Whether you choose to mask up or make a different choice should belong to our citizens, not the governor,” Brodehl said.

Pamela Holmquist is a very conscientious person and takes the role of County Commissioner very seriously, carefully, and thinks through each aspect very methodically. Concerning the vote for implementing more restrictions in Flathead County, Holmquist had this to say, “I don’t think I can agree to something that’s basically unenforceable.” She seeks the counsel of others when making wise decisions (in this case the County Attorney).

Phil Mitchell is a man who doesn’t vacillate. He says what he means and means what he says. Concerning Bill Burg’s (Health Board Chairman of Flathead County) outrageous claims of projected deceased people by November 2020, Mitchell exclaimed that ” As of today, Bill Burg’s predicted death’s numbers are off by 98.6 %. That is atrocious! That is atrocious to give data out that is wrong and I told him not to hand it out to the health board and he did it anyway! That data is 98 percent wrong!” (meaning 98.6 percent fewer people have died than were projected last March). Also, Mitchell stated, “We don’t live in a communist country yet where we have to walk down the street and ask, do you have your mask on?”

These three individuals have grown in their elected positions and especially recently as the county has been in an upheaval over the CV-19 dilemma. In September they were handed a 3100 live signature petition on paper (along with affidavits of harm and liability concerning the victims of Covid 19 including harm from lockdowns, masking abuse, financial loss, suicide, etc.), which focused on individual liberty under the US and Montana State Constitution.

It was shortly after, (Bullock also threw responsibility onto the commissioners trying to get them to enforce mandates that weren’t their business to do) that they came up with a declaration towards freedom concerning Constitutional rights in the local newspaper.

These commissioners have received a lot of backlashes but are willing to stand by what is right and legal. They have listened to the voices and concerns of the citizens and acted accordingly. The commissioners “Support the Constitutional rights of Montanan’s” by declining to recommend residents follow the governor’s directives.

Several duties which county commissioners perform are: care of property, management of the business, and cares of the county, (including water, and sanitation issues, etc.)

One particularly important role that commissioners perform is the appointing of health board members. One commissioner is required to sit on the health board (in this case it is Commissioner Chairperson Pamela Holmquist) and commissioners also choose, appoint, and remove health board members. As a new member will be appointed this week to the Flathead County Health Board, we expect that these commissioners will continue to stand up for freedom and abide by our Montana State and US Constitution and choose someone who will do so as well especially during this season of “Covid 19 Pandemic.”

[Publisher’s Note: This op-ed was written by Brenda Roskos]


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