An Open Letter to Gov. Gianforte Over Questionable Appointments to COVID-19 Taskforce


A Montana small business owner has written an open letter to Greg Gianforte, petitioning him to reconsider placing pharmaceutical industry leaders on his COVID-19 recovery taskforce.

[Thomas Millett] I was looking at the list of people that are members of your Covid-19 Task Force and was appalled at what I saw and, more importantly, what I didn’t see.

What I saw was a task force full of Health Industry insiders. Although members of the Business community and Governmental officials are represented I’m absolutely appalled at who IS NOT represented on the task force.In case you were unaware, below is the current makeup of the Covid-19 Task Force:

  • Health Industry 11 members
  • Business Industry 7 members
  • Government 7 members
  • Education 4 members
  • Law Enforcement/Military 3 members
  • Tribal Community 1 member
  • Religious Community 1 member

Of particular note, the following persons are on the task force:

  • Don Beeman, former CEO of Ligocyte Pharmaceuticals, former Executive of Merck (Big Pharma/Big Vax)
  • Dr. Scott Gottlieb Former FDA Commissioner, Current Board Member of Pfizer (Big Pharma/Big Vax), Venture Capitalist and non-resident of Montana(resident of Washington, DC) and a consummate Washington insider

The above individuals have no business being on a Covid-19 Task Force due to a highly probable conflict of interest concern (Beeman as a former executive with Merck) and a definite conflict of interest (Gottlieb – current board member of Pfizer) where they more than likely are to profit by pushing vaccinations on the good people of Montana. Gottlieb being an ‘out-of-stater’ to boot!

What is more shocking are the groups that are not represented on the task force.· No one from Northwest Montana is represented· No one from the home-schooling community is represented· No one from the Vaccine Choice community is represented· No one from the farming or ranching community is represented· There is not a stay-at-home parent on the task force (i.e., just a regular Mom or Dad who stays home taking care of the children).

Mr. Gianforte, I urge you to re-arrange your Covid-19 Task Force to be more inclusive and representative of Montanans and jettison those on the task force with conflicts of interest that are not in our best interest.

‘We The People’ of Montana, who elected you to shake things up in Helena, don’t need insiders telling us what to do; especially Big Pharma/Big Vax insiders and out-of-staters. We need REAL, DOWN-TO-EARTH, Montanans representing us.

[Editor’s Note: This open letter was written by Montana small business owner, Thomas Millett, HT Terri Bennet-Lackey]


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