Video: “Christian Intellectual” Cody Libolt Joins Montana Gazette Radio To Discuss Limits of Government Power


Gideon Knox Group spokesman, entrepreneur and media specialist, Cody Libot, joins Jim White at Montana Gazette Radio to discuss Romans 13 and the limits of government power (and other topics). Why should Christians also be intellectuals? Libolt discusses.

1 Corinthians 13:6 – Rejoiceth not in iniquity, but rejoiceth in the truth

Truth is a scarce commodity these days. It has been removed from science, academia, media, and politics, to name just a few. And yes, this is accurate for most modern churches and seminaries as well. As most of the population can tell, the truth has been a causality for a long, long time.

Whether you point to a failure in the home or a failure of the nation’s pastors, the fact remains that truth has suffered greatly and badly needs to be rehabilitated.

With institutional corruption running rampant, the population cannot depend on those who they appoint or elect to be the arbiters of truth. No, it is a much different world now. This is a world that has been captured by lies and one which hates the truth.

The only way to combat the lie is with the truth and if you are going to go that route you might as well be a zealot.

Cody Libolt is a Christian Intellectual who greatly values the truth. On his website, ChristianIntellectual.Com, you can find many useful tools to assist you in speaking the truth, especially from a Christian perspective. Cody Libolt is a truth zealot and he makes no apologies for being one.

Cody joined Jim White on Montana Gazette Radio to discuss truth, Romans 13, and a variety of other topics. In the first video, Cody addresses being a zealot for truth, with the second video being the full interview with Cody.


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