As COVID-19 Panic Strikes Canada, Montanans Urge Them to Not Comply


Op-Ed: As the COVID-panic spreads, Montanans are looking to their neighbor to the North and asking them to stand up for liberty and common sense.

“This kinda feels like a bad dream…Canada was mocking the States and now we are all locked down.”

Most Canadians in general aren’t used to causing a ruckus. When asked why they put up with the lockdowns the reply was, “It is not very Canadian. We are a polite, rule-following type of people.”

What exactly is happening in Canada?

In Saskatchewan, there have been a total of 55 deaths from Covid 19. The population of Saskatchewan is about 1.82 million. By comparison, Montana has a population of approximately 1 million and the death toll of “Covid 19” is supposedly 734 (Not that all folks buy that number but it gives you an idea of the difference between the US and Canada). There are more deaths via car accidents in Saskatchewan than there are “Covid” deaths but people are still driving cars.

To many US citizens, the “politeness” that Canadians exude seems foreign. And no wonder. We are, after all, a people with a Republic and a Constitution. Our ancestors fought a hard, grueling war and very few showed up at that (3% in fact). But we WON.

The politics of Canada function within a framework of parliamentary democracy and a federal system of parliamentary government with strong democratic traditions. Canada is a constitutional monarchy, in which the monarch is the head of state.

Canadians are used to being told what to do. Many may not like it, but they are used to it. Their guns have been stripped away from them for years, they are used to basic free health care (even if they do have to wait forever to obtain certain medical procedures) and free programs. So when they are told to lock down and comply and just do it..that’s what most do. They just do it. Most do. They are the frog in the proverbial pot which doesn’t realize the water is getting hotter because that’s how they’ve been conditioned. And now that the water’s scalding a remnant of them are wanting OUT.

In 2009, 53% of Canadians wanted Canada to end its constitutional ties to the monarchy after the queen dies. 49% wanted to abolish the constitutional monarchy structure then and become a republic, with an elected head of state.

During the Great Coronavirus Panic of 2020, Saskatchewan as well as other portions of Canada are under strict rules, regulations, and lockdowns. Extremely strict and even absurd compared to the U.S. Residents are only permitted 5 to a household and will receive a $1000 fine for each person above that staying in a home. And in public settings masks are to be worn at all times. Period.

When asked, “Why don’t you fight back,” oftentimes the answer is, “We don’t know if we can.”

Do you SEE where this is going? Needing permission to have more than 5 in your home?! Aging Uncle Carl and Aunt Bertha might not be able to come for Christmas because they might make the house over-the-limit.

This is ludicrous. Advise your Canadian friends to take a stand! There’s great power in numbers! And yes as Montanans many of us do have friends from the great North reaching out in a stupor asking, “What should we do?” DO NOT COMPLY. Stand. And continue to stand.

Equally as fanatical is the fact that every person involved or associated with any sport or physical activity must wear a mask while engaged in the activity including practicing for sports! The only exception to this is swimming. There are also no athletic games permitted! During practice, all participants must be 3 meters apart (over 9 feet or, for Canadians, 2.74 meters). Canadians are describing this as “horrible and terrible.” Canadian’s love their sports so this is hard-hitting. The anguish and sheer exasperation that this is causing the Canadian youth are despicable. In especially Saskatchewan, where the death rate per capita is so minuscule, this constitutes child abuse.

Hockey is big in Canada. Hundreds of youth go to boarding schools there every year. However this year things are so limited very few students are allowed back to their schools. And those who did allow US students had to quarantine them in hotels for 2 weeks upon arrival. This December, many Montana students returned home from Wilcox, Saskatchewan well before their Christmas break due to a “Covid outbreak” on Notre Dame hockey teams. Parents rushed over the border to retrieve their healthy offspring before the young men could be quarantined or tested.

It is uncertain if they will be returning or not. As we know flu and colds spread, so these students could get back up north and be sitting around part of the winter as they can test positive with nothing or even a sniffle. Fraudulent tests result in “positives” long after a person is feeling well or for no reason at all. What this is doing to students is beyond manipulative.

These orders come down from the Ministers of Health who are walking in great fear, paranoia, and control. If we think the US is strict, think again.

One Albertan shared this, “No more than 5 people are allowed to stay in one house. If they catch you it’s a $1000 fine. And if it continues, the fine could be up to $100,000 per household in court. If a person is single they are allowed two other people to join their “bubble.”

Let’s hope things never get this bad in the states. Children wearing masks while practicing basketball and volleyball? Inexcusable.

Rise up Canada, stand your ground. And to our US citizens? DO NOT COMPLY.

[Editor’s Note: This op-ed was contributed by Brenda Roskos]


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