Democrat Places Abortion Weapons Atop Christmas Tree Instead of a Star


A Democrat abortion activist has placed instruments used to tear apart babies atop his Christmas tree. Apparently for leftists, human sacrifice is the reason for the season.

Michael Saenz, the DNC activist, wrote in the caption of the now-deleted tweet, “IT IS LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO TOP OUR TOPPER.” Saenz also used the hashtags #ProAbortion, #Abortions and #Christmas.

The instruments were the dreaded and infamous forcepts, a tool of the trade of infanticidal maniacs who rip at human flesh for a few hundred dollars in blood money. One wonders if these particular forcepts had to be sanitized of human blood before placing it at the pinnacle of the tree.

The Christian Post reports, “…a link to the Twitter account for the company We are Pro-Abortion. According to the Nebraska Secretary of State Business Regulation, Saenz is the ‘registered agent’ for the company, which sells clothes emblazoned with phrases such as ‘I’m cool with abortions,’ ‘abortions are magical’ and ‘abortions today tomorrow and forevermore.'”

A report from Live Action confirmed that Saenz is an employee at CARE, which specializes in late-term abortions and operates in Maryland and Nebraska.

In other words, these tools 100% killed a person and another psychopath is decorating with them.

In Christian tradition, the top of the Christmas tree is usually reserved for a star, depicting the celestial body that led the Wise Men to baby Jesus or – occasionally – an angel, depicting the Heavenly Host who heralded Christ’s birth. But as we discovered the other day with anti-gun liberal Santa, liberals have to go and ruin everything.

Meanwhile, it’s a good thing that Emmanuel came before Planned Parenthood was created. He had a hard enough time evading King Herod’s post-birth genocide. Today’s babies have an even tougher time coming into the world unscathed, with more than 1 in 3 babies being ruthlessly slaughtered by their murderous moms and paid medical hitmen before they can even be born.


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