Republican Legislators Turn Up Nose at Mask Requirements


It’s called the People’s House, and Republican legislators just sent the message that the People – and not unelected health bureaucrats – will determine how its business is conducted.

Despite being asked to stay out of Helena by its mayor, the mayor of East Helena, the Lewis & Clark County Commissioners, Helena’s City Commission, and an overbearing “Nazi Nurse,” Drenda Niemann, Republican legislators will soon be heading to the capital city to conduct business in person…and some will be without masks.

Split along party lines, Democrats voted to stay home from work and – if forced to attend – to keep their faces covered in humble subserviance to the muckraking fear and bizarre pseudo-science behind Montana’s current mask mandate. Republicans, on the other hand, voted to ignore dithering demands of municipal and county officials who think that a mild respiratory virus changes essential American principles like the rule of law.

Democrats made several demands including (A) the session be held only remotely (2) the session be put off a year and (3) the session be delayed until a vaccine could be widely available. and (4) require legislators to be vaccinated to attend. All were ultimately rejected by their Republican colleagues.

The back-and-forth between Republicans and Democrats basically amounted to Republicans claiming that such precautions would likely not keep anyone truly safe, while they resigned themselves to getting sick if it was fated to happen anyway. Meanwhile, Democrats repeatedly claimed that avoiding masking and distancing would make everyone sick and cause others to die.

Pro-abortion Democrat, Pat Flowers, pleaded for the sanctity of legislators’ lives when he said, “We’re going to show up on the first day with no safeguards in place, we’re going to get people sick, there’s no question about it, and some people may die as a result of this action.”

Republicans, on the other hand, were a little less hysterical and it seems the calmer heads prevailed.

According to the House’s new rules, legislators may attend virtually upon permission of their caucus leadership. Additionally, they do not have to be vaccinated to attend the session.

Derek Skees, who heads up the Rules Committee, stated, “Personal responsibility — that’s what we’re empowering. Everybody there is telling me to wear a mask because they don’t want the dictator that is your health officer to shut their restaurants down.”


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