Update: Lawsuit Seeks to Restrain Gov. Bullock From Giving Illegal Mask Orders


On Monday the 14th day of December, in Helena, (Montana First Judicial District Court, Lewis and Clark County) a lawsuit (Declarative Judgement) was filed. The purpose of the lawsuit is simple; to restrain Governor Steven Bullock and the Department of Health and Human Services from continuing to cause harm to the good people of Montana. 

For months now the governor and his cohorts have been violating the U.S. and Montana State Constitution via various illegal methods, including forcing individuals against their will to wear face coverings, (masks, face shields etc.) and quarantining well people among other atrocities.

If the judge who presides over this case rules in favor of the people of Montana, the Governor and the state health department will immediately be restrained. Enforcing of masks will become null and void.  

Who is behind this lawsuit and why?

Rhoades, Siefert & Erickson, PLLC, in Missoula, Montana were requested to fight for the people of Montana in order to preserve our God given and Constitutional freedoms. 

There are 5 main plaintiffs in the state of Montana spread throughout various counties. STAND UP MONTANA, a Montana non-profit corporation: ALLAN BAKER as an individual and doing business as BAKER ENGINEERING AND STRUCTURES; JANE RECTENWALD, an individual; DR. CHUCK BALDWIN, dba LIBERTY FELLOWSHIP, a nondenominational Christian fellowship; THE FILLING STATION, INC., a Montana for profit corporation. 

Governor Steve Bullock has violated the law on many counts. “A declared state of emergency, however, may not continue for longer than 30 days unless “continuing conditions” of the state of emergency exist, which must be determined either by a declaration of an emergency by the president of the United States or by a declaration of the legislature by joint resolution of continuing conditions of the state of emergency, Section 10-30-302, MCA. The Governor’s indefinite extension of the public health care “emergency” is not authorized by law. The “emergency” expired on April 13, 2020. 

“The Governor’s written Directives and memoranda supporting his response to COVID-19 lack recitation to the specific science or other evidence he claims supports his Directives. The most likely reasonable inference is that he knows of no real science to which to recite that would support his restrictions. Ultimately, despite any inference, there is almost no science to support the severe restrictions entailed in the Governor’s response to COVID-19, while a body of science suggests to the contrary. This inference is further supported by GOVENOR BULLOCK’S PERSONAL CONDUCT, which has been to VIOLATE HIS OWN DIRECTIVES by, for example, attending high school basketball games UNMASKED. His personal feeling of security in such settings strongly implies he does not believe himself at risk either by attending large gatherings or by doing so without a mask.” 

One main plaintiff submitted this to the suit. 

“Think of it: America faced a War for Independence, a Civil War, the War of 1812, all fought on American soil. We faced two world wars, the Korean War and the Vietnam War. We have faced pestilences of every sort.  Awful poverty, disease and sickness that people experienced every day during the Great Depression took place. But no matter the pain and affliction of their circumstances, they came together on the Lord’s Day to worship, sing, and pray. While Germany was bombing the city of London during World War II, Christian families would gather in the bombed-out, gutted churches to worship and pray together. I view Governor Bullock’s mandates as an assault against our Christian faith, an assault against our Religious Liberties, an assault against the Natural Laws of God enshrined in our Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights and, yes, an assault against our very humanity. In days of old, civil magistrates such as Steve Bullock would not merely be driven from office but would be tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail.” 

The testimonies of harm imposed upon the individuals of the state of Montana is nothing short of horrific. Suicides due to lockdowns, Staph infections and bacterial pneumonia as a result of mask wearing and the abuse of children via the “mask,” multitudes of well people who’ve been quarantined, and the MURDER, YES MURDER, of our elderly neighbors and friends. These precious ones have been shut in for months on end and not been allowed to see spouses, children, family, or friends, resulting in a failure to thrive. Individual elderly community members who’ve been banned to their bedrooms in nursing facilities at the order of the Department of Health and Human Services in Helena whose orders then trickle down to local health departments. This is inhumane and unjust treatment and unlawful.  This is not something we would do to our dog let alone a human being. Thoughts of Auschwitz come to mind. 

Quentin Rhoades, lawyer and patriot had this to say, “Concerning the Great Barrington Declaration we have one of the original signers as our expert witness. He’s a statistician and a scientist from Baylor University who has been working on this for months.” 

Rhoades also declared he is ready for the heat that will come from having filed the suit.  

Let us all stand up for what we know to be right, good, and true before God and our great Constitution in honor of our Republic. 

This lawsuit is fighting for the basic constitutional liberties of every person in this country, not just in Montana. A win would set a precedent for the entire nation. 

We need your help. Liberty needs your help. Ask yourself: In your entire lifetime, how many opportunities will you have, to do something that could truly make a difference in the preservation of Liberty in our land?  

Contact www.montanatitle50.org if you’re able to assist in this most worthy cause. 


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