Excellent: Gianforte Signals He Won’t Continue Mask Mandate


Don’t want to cover your face with a piece of cloth designed as a placebo pacifier for pandemic emotional fragility? There’s good news on the horizon. It seems that Gianforte is poised to dispose of Governor Bullock’s draconian and constitutionally dubious mask order.

In an interview with a legacy press outlet, Gianforte told the reporter, “I trust Montanans with their health and the health of their loved ones. The state has a role in clearly communicating the risks of who is most vulnerable, what the potential consequences are, but then I do trust Montanans to make the right decisions for themselves and their family.”

Gianforte’s posture was notably different from his predecessor and lame duck governor, Steve Bullock, whose general governing vibe is like that of an overbearing nanny with constant refrains on the importance of mandating personal health decisions.

The Governor-Elect went on, “We’re going to encourage people to wear masks. I’m personally going to lead by example, wearing a mask in the Capitol.”

Gianforte has been seen repeatedly without a mask in public, much to the consternation of liberals, who have been apt to ignore several photos released of Governor Bullock not wearing a mask at public events.

Gianforte doesn’t seem to be caving to the anti-vax wing of the conservative movement, however, and claims he’ll take the vaccine at the first opportunity.

The future governor said, “When my name comes up on the list, I will raise my hand and I am going to get vaccinated,” Gianforte said. “It’s very important that I lead by example because I think this vaccine is a critical part of us getting back to normal.”


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