Top Ten Montana Daily Gazette Articles of 2020


The story of the Montana Daily Gazette is an interesting one. After a decade of conquering Christian media and revolutionizing alternative news with The Wrecking Ball Method of guerilla journalism, The Gideon Knox publishing group began what is now the #1 Source for Online News (by readership) in the Big Sky State.

A Montana native, pastor, activist, and local politico, JD Hall, started a Sanctuary Movement for the Second Amendment and the Right to Life in Richland County in January of 2020 (which will hopefully come to fulfillment in 2021 and will be a major focus of his work in the next year). After years of watching the local (but not locally-owned) newspaper lean hard-left and enduring numerous negative and even anti-religious bigotry come from its publication, the Sidney Herald likened a peaceable Town Hall meeting led by Hall and the local Republican Party Central Committee as “though a militia were forming” and full of “old white men” (the crowd of supporters also contained Hispanics, blacks, indigenous peoples and women were in the majority within the room).

In response, Hall knew that his publishing group, which had launched the #3 Christian news site in the United States, could create an alternative Montana news site and conquer the legacy press in the Big Sky State so Montanans would no longer have to tolerate the mainstream media’s liberal monopoly. And so, the Montana Daily Gazette was launched in early February.

The rest, as they say, is history. Supporters and critics alike gave credit to the Montana Daily Gazette for Montana’s Red Wave at the voting booth. At the Montana Daily Gazette, we give credit to the Truth…which always wins. Ultimately, our publication is not pro-Republican. It’s not pro-Libertarian. And it goes without saying, we are not pro-Democrat. We are instead pro-truth and we are convinced that facts do not care about your feelings.

In case you are not aware, the Gideon Knox Group sold the Montana Daily Gazette to a group of Montana investors around the state (which has retained Gideon Knox Group as publisher). And we are thankful to our new Editor-in-Chief, Jim White, founder of Northwest Liberty News.

If you haven’t been following the Montana Daily Gazette since our inception, below are the Top Ten articles (by readership) on our news site.

Montana Doctor Blows the Whistle on the CDC’s Manipulated Coronavirus Figures with 176,457 views.*

BREAKING: Government Paid to Smuggle “Fresh, Never Frozen” Dead Baby Parts Into Montana with 137,627 views.

Montana County Demands People Wear Government-Issued Arm Bands To Do Business with 107,841 views.

Video: Governor Bullock Shuts Off Access to Montana Town, Police Arrest Travelers with 106,913 views.

Jon Tester Votes to Let Already-Born Babies Die Without Medical Treatment with 57,385 views.

All Test Subjects of Bill Gates’ Vaccine Ended Up With Coronavirus with 56,930 views.*

Montana Teacher’s Union Chooses *Actual Communist* As New President with 42,076 views.

Montana’s Pro-Gay CPS Workers Kidnap Children of Christian Parents with 35,507 views.

State Plans to Confiscate Children If Parents Test Positive for Coronavirus with 34,414 views.

Montanans Plan Rally in Helena to Demand Lockdown End Now with 33,394 views.

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