Blog Run By Helena School Teacher, Don Pogreba, Offers Alcohol to Minor


Helena parents should be worried about the moral influence and political extremism of one public employee who is indoctrinating their children.

The Democrat Party’s de facto Fake News outlet, Montana Post, is run by Helena Public School teacher, Don Pogreba. The website regularly runs articles from an alt-left perspective, and in the past year has gone so far as to repeatedly claim Republicans are “trying to kill people” (here, here, and here are just some examples) to alleging one public official endorsed “anti-Semitism” in a bizarre game of Six Degrees from Kevin Bacon. But besides the rather benign gaucherie with which Pogreba’s website is ordinarily known, its staff is engaged in far more troublesome immoral and criminal behavior that should be addressed by his superiors at the Helena Public School System.

Kylie Gage, left

Kiley Gage, claiming she is working on behalf of Pogreba’s Montana Post, reached out to freshman Montana House Representative, Braxton Mitchell. As you’ll see in the screenshot below, Gage wrote to Mitchell, “Hi Braxton my name is Kiley Gage and I’m covering the legislative session for the Montana Post.”

However, Gage was only being partially truthful. While she went on to promise Mitchell that whatever she concoted would not be an “attack piece,” she left off the fact that she also writes on behalf of the Montana Democratic Party (see below).

In addition, Gage also has been employed as interim director of Helena’s YWCA, after its director, Monica Lindeen, became the head of the Montana Democratic Party, which makes the following news even more disturbing. Her Twitter page is a virtual pile of leftist vomit, hacked up as a fetid pile of Democrat talking point regurgitation.

But politics aside, Pogreba’s new reporter just solicited alcohol to a minor.

Gage offered to buy Rep. Braxton Mitchell a beer. But aside from being an altogether wonderful human, Mitchell is best known for being among the youngest legislators in the Montana House and is not old enough to legally consume alcohol. Surely Gage knows this, as statewide media has repeatedly written about Mitchell and in particular, in respect to his young age. The chances of a reporter not knowing that Mitchell is younger than 21 is about the same chance that Don Pogreba will vote Republican in the next election.

This is a criminal act according to Mont. Code Ann. § 16-6-305 (see below).

Don Pogreba

It appears that an older woman concealing her activism on behalf of the Democratic Party and a Helena School teacher is trying to honeypot a 20-year-old freshman legislator, loosen him up with some drinks, and find out God-knows-what from him.

Not only is this a breach of decorum, but it’s criminal. And because it’s done on the behalf of Don Pogreba’s publication, he should immediately issue a statement promising to dismiss Gage from her work for Montana Post and apologize to the public for what he calls “journalism.”

Meanwhile, the Helena Public School district should begin to investigate exactly what other minors Pogreba is willing to corrupt in order to obtain his ideological objectives.


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  2. […] While political beliefs should not ordinarily serve as a litmus test for hiring decisions by the public school system, it is also true that public school employees should not use their influence over youth to politically indoctrinate students. But given the far-left influence of prominent blogging Marxist, Don Pogreba, Helena’s parents are right to wonder if their children are in good hands (and not just because his blog solicits booze to underaged kids). […]


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