Montana COVID Policy: Minorities Can Get Vaccinated in February, Whites Must Wait Until July


In an amazing realization of leftist social engineering, Montana’s COVID vaccine policy – created by our current but out-going governor – will make white people wait to receive the vaccine until the Indigenous and “People of Color” receive it months ahead of them.

It sounds like something from a satire site like the Babylon Bee, but it’s real. If you’re a Caucasian in Montana – who constitute 88.9% of the populace – you will have to wait to receive the COVID-19 vaccine until ethnic minorities have first been given the opportunity to receive it.

The policy was announced by Montana DPHHS today, currently run under Governor Bullock’s (D) oversight. Although it sounds like a bad case of Identity Politics out of the Beltway, it’s actually a decision that was made in Helena.

Three groups will be prioritized COVID-19 vaccination – prison inmates, Indigenous peoples, and who MT DPHHS called “Persons of Color” (apparently 88.9% of Montanans are translucent).

During Phase 1 of vaccination as lined out by the Montana Department of Health and Human Services, hospital workers and physicians and their staff will be fully vaccinated by mid-January and longterm care facility staff and workers (nursing homes and their care providers) will be fully vaccinated per their educated guess in February. But after that, it will be available in Phase 2, which will include first and foremost, the above-mentioned ethnic groups.

Phase 2, which is expected to be complete in March, will include those aged 75 and up per national guidelines. But Montana DPHHS has deviated from national guidelines and will also add prisoners and ethnic minorities along with the elderly.

Phase 3 will include those 65 and up and are expected to receive the vaccine by mid-July. After July, Caucasians will be able to finally apply to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

Jon Ebelt, the spokesman for DPHHS, told the press, “Data in Montana has shown us that these populations are at higher risk related to COVID-19 and severe outcomes so it was important to reflect that in Montana’s vaccine plan.”

Apparently, the Wuhan Flu is racist and targets people with a certain above-average melanin count. Of course, this is not real science; it is politically-correct superstition and political posturing gone awry.


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  1. You do not want that shot ! Repeat, you do not want that shot ! Let
    the libs get injected, but for your personal safety and health,no way.
    There are literally thousands of dangerous if not fatal side effects from
    this unproven ,toxic cocktail. Check out Jon Rappaport for further info
    “no more fake news ” is his site

  2. Translucent…I love it!

    These poor poor folks who will be the first to receive it until the rest of society does could be maimed by July..

    There is I believe, statistically a higher amount of sickness within the tribes of Montana in general (whether it be what they are calling CV 19 or other things …which is NOT related to race but rather to diet etc….

    We shall see how the first folks fare with these wicked vaccines. May God watch over them.


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