Montana Gun Rights Group to Host Legislative Reception, January 6


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[Gary Marbut] MSSA and the NRA will co-host our Legislative Reception at Jorgenson’s Inn in Helena on Wednesday, January 6, from 6 to 8 PM.  We do this each session, partly just to show the RKBA flag and be social, and partly for an early chance to expose legislators to MSSA’s legislative agenda.

For you, this is an opportunity to meet legislators and discuss RKBA issues with them.  To be clear, this is NOT any sort of urgent request for you to attend, but rather an opportunity to attend if you’d like to be there.  If it’s a choice between one or the other for you, I’d much rather have you show up at the public hearings on one or more of MSSA’s bills in the Capitol.  More about that in a minute.

For any of you who wish to attend the Legislative Reception, I strongly encourage you to also and first attend the briefing session I will conduct at Jorgenson’s beginning at 3 PM on the 6th.  In that briefing, I will explain each of the measures on MSSA’s legislative agenda in detail and answer your questions about them.  I want you fully informed about these items so you will be equipped to have a meaningful dialog with legislators about our issues.  I don’t know what room at Jorgenson’s we will use for this briefing.  There may be signs, or ask at the front desk.

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Jorgenson’s is reserving a block of rooms for MSSA for any of you who, like me, do not wish to drive home after the Reception, which will have adult beverages.  Jorgenson’s is offering a special rate to MSSA for rooms for this occasion.  You must make a reservation in advance for a room.  Call Jorgenson’s at 406-442-1770 to make your reservations.  Tell them you are with MSSA to get the special rate.

Dress for the occasion.  Legislators will be wearing a suit or a jacket with some sort of tie.  For guys, I recommend a jacket and some sort of neckwear as a suitable threshold for dress.  Ladies, from this guidance to guys you will know better than I do about suitable apparel for you.

If you have any questions about the Reception not answered here, shoot me an email.

MSSA’s flagship bill, to eliminate “gun free zones” in Montana (no bill number yet), will be introduced and coming up for its first public hearing very soon.  The first public hearing will be before the House Judiciary Committee, which meets at 8 AM in the Capitol.  We don’t know yet which day it will be scheduled, but soon.  The earliest likely date will be Thursday, January 7th, but it could well be Friday the 8th or Monday the 11th.  I’ll let you know as soon as I know.

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Please review the material I’ve provided about the legislative process here.

If you can attend the first public hearing on this bill, be sure to review the link I’ve provided there about attending and speaking at public hearings.

Folks, it’s time to get revved up for the legislative session.  My emails to you will become more frequent.  Please be prepared to act when I send out a request for your help.  Check for emails from me at least daily.  Your commitment to help for the session will make a huge difference.  I can select the issues, and get the bills drafted and introduced, but I will need you to help me get them passed.

Thank you so much in advance for your attention and help to make Montana gun laws better, and to fend off bad gun laws as needed.

[Editor’s Note: This article was obtained from an email released by Gary Marbut to MSSA members]


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