FYI: ‘Montana Daily’ is Funded By Washington Democrats, Fringe Leftists


Disgruntled and out-of-work, the former editor of the Billings Gazette is starting another out-of-state liberal news organization to cover state politics from the left. It’s funded out of D.C. and managed by North Carolina Democrats.

The name of the “news service” is eerily similar to Montana Daily Gazette, and it’s not by coincidence. Out-maneuvered and out-flanked by real news from a common-sense (conservative) perspective, longtime Democrat Comintern and yellow-journalist at the Montana Post, Don Pogreba, has been rebuking “the media” (he uses the term homogenously) for not “stopping” this publication after we launched in early 2020. After the Red Wave drenched Montana in the last election, Pogreba begged “the media” to “do something” about us.

In fact, Pogreba admitted to conspiring with Legacy Press outlets to libelously scandalize this publication and somehow stop it. One wondered at the time what exactly they had in mind.

Apparently, this is whatever the plot that the desperate Helena swamp has hatched. They’ve created a website with a spin-off of our name that is designed to hurt us in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and done so by raiding public tax dollars to pay for it.

Of course, the Daily Montanan is not nonpartisan, as time will demonstrate. Its editor is a throw-away failure from Lee Enterprises, which has lost so much money due to its biased reporting that they’re being threatened by the New York Stock Exchange with delisting. They’re going bankrupt and its motley crew of j-school graduated liberal, self-entitled reporters are unionizing to try to save their jobs (psst…that’s the opposite of what you should do if you want to save your job). We’ve been recovering the death-spiral of Lee Enterprises’ Montana news monopoly since at least May.

The Montana Daily “journalists”

The Fake News outlet, which fallaciously claims is “independent” is not independent at all. It’s the product of (A) disgruntled Lee Enterprises employees and (B) progressive Helena insiders. Its editor will be former Billings Gazette editor, Darrell Ehrlick. Erhlick is a notorious leftist and socialist who has repeatedly attacked organizations like the Montana Family Foundation with famously biased reporting. Jeff Lazsloffy once called Ehrlick, “venomous, snarky, immature, unprofessional.

Additionally, despite the name claiming the name “Montana”, it shouldn’t go without saying that the majority of their writers are not from Montana (pictured above). Meanwhile, our tagline at the Montana Daily Gazette is “News by Montanans, for Montanans.” This can’t be said of the new taxpayer-funded publication that will be utilizing our tax revenue to compete with locally-owned Montana businesses.

In fact, the organization is an extension of the North Carolina States Newsroom. And guess what…Influence Watch ranks States Newsroom (also known as the Newsroom Network) as a, “progressive political journalism startup.”

In terms of the claim that it is “independent,” look at the leaning of the Hopewell Fund, a “left-of-center 501(c)3 out of Washington D.C.” Considering it helped pass Obama Care, it doesn’t seem that independent.

Influence watch says of the Hopewell Fund…

“The Hopewell Fund, like all four nonprofits managed by the for-profit consultancy Arabella Advisors, primarily exists to sponsor a number of “fake” groups: websites designed to look like standalone nonprofits. These “fake” groups rarely become fully-fledged nonprofits; instead, they typically exist to effect an issue advocacy campaign pushing left-wing policies and may disappear after the campaign is finished. The Hopewell Fund is one of the newer of Arabella’s four nonprofits, founded in 2015, and most of the “fake” groups it sponsors are focused on expanding abortion access and criticizing President Donald Trump’s healthcare policies.

This is the reason Don Pogreba was so excited about this new “nonpartisan” news service. It’s not news. It’s explicitly fake news, paid for by a Democrat slush-fund out of Washington D.C., and managed from North Carolina. It will be around a short time, masquerading as news during the legislative session.

Montana Daily Gazette publisher, JD Hall, added an addendum to this article before publication.

ADDENDUM: “Socialists never understand supply and demand. The supply of liberal news in Montana is high, so the demand is low. The Montana Daily is a non-profit because it must be in order to be sustainable; all the liberal news outlets are going bankrupt. But the supply of real news in Montana is low, so the demand for the Montana Daily Gazette is high (and profitable). In the end, capitalism will always conquer, and this publication will be around no longer than Jon Tester’s breakfast” – JD Hall, publisher


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