Montana Daily Gazette Publisher/Editor to Meet Legislators, Influencers at Swearing-In


As a part of our ongoing effort to provide Montanans up-to-date news from the state capitol, Montana Daily Gazette’s publisher and editor will both be available to meet legislators and Helena influencers this week at the swearing-in ceremony and beyond.

Montana Daily Gazette is a Montana-owned and Montana-operated news organization that provides the #1 voice in online news for the Big Sky State. With a business model that is aimed eventually at paper-publication (we are already working toward that end), our publication launched in February of 2020 and has already overtaken Lee Enterprise publications (and many others) online that are run by out-of-state investors. Meanwhile, every single investor in the Montana Daily Gazette maintains a home in Montana and deeply cares about the legacy that we will leave our children in the Last, Best Place.

The Gazette’s editor, Jim White (also host of Montana Gazette Radio, formerly Northwest Liberty News) and publisher, Jordan Hall, will be present at the swearing-in ceremony this Monday afternoon and will be hovering around the capitol for several days after (at least until the Montana Shooting Sports Association reception on Wednesday evening) to personally meet and greet every legislator and Helena influencer possible. Meanwhile, our field correspondents will remain behind in Helena to report the news out of the legislature as it happens.

The Montana Daily Gazette has VIP News Tip cards for legislators with direct access to White and Hall that they should grab when they meet up this next week.


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