‘Forward Montana’ Funded by Washington D.C. Environmentalists and Anti-Hunters


Legislators at various points throughout the Capitol grounds noticed the material of Forward Montana, which they had previously never heard of. About the same time, their email inboxes began to receive material from the organization to promote their ‘What the Helena’ newsletter, which will propagandize leftist sentiments disguised as a legislative guide.

But really, who is Forward Montana, the new organization that suddenly has popped up in Helena but sends the vibe they’re some kind of staple of political life in Montana that no one has ever heard of. Upon looking at their material, the Montana Daily Gazette staff presumed they were a “pink slime” group – similar to the Daily Montanan outlet – which leftists use to pop-up overnight to affect one particular legislative session and then disband, or in some cases, disband until there was another legislative session.

Our hunches were correct.

Claiming to be a grassroots organization designed to politically empower young people, the group seems neither grassroots and neither does it focus on young people (except at weaponizing our university system to indoctrinate better Democrats).

The organization claims to have existed since 2004, which we can neither confirm nor deny. We can, however, give you more information about their organization, goals and funding.

Claimiing to have started in Billings, Bozeman, and Missoula to focus on environmental issues and “tennet rights” (a bizarre talking-point that is far more expected in the urban northeast United States where the organization really began).

Each legislative session, the “organization” has new branding with a new stated purpose. In 2018, for example, its purpose was to provide the 2018 Election Impact Report. In 2019 the organization launched a temporary Legislation Tracker that beamed out talking points on conservative bills to their progressive fanbase. In 2020 the organization has been taken over by Critical Race Theory, and their stated goals are “identified economic justice, the environment, and LGBTQ equality as the #1 issues.”

To keep of the appearances of a grassroots political organization of young people, the group has posted its “staff” (unpaid, volunteer), clearly college-age activists who promise to use their position to focus on things like environmentalism and promoting the U.S. census. But ignore that section of their website, but the long list of contrived titles and functions and a distraction from the group’s core identity.

Ultimately, they’re run by a board of directors that includes older, more radicalized progressive extremists. Its first board member and chair of the board is Allie Hay of Planned Parenthood Billings (see left). Other board members include an anti-hunting activist, representatives of Green Decoy groups like the Montana Wilderness Association, a peace corps activist and an LGBTQ+ activist.

They’re funded by the FMT Voter Fund, which is a leftwing PAC that endorsed the following candidates in 2020 (below).

Matt Kelly of Bozeman serves as the group’s treasurer (see below).

If the name Matt Kelly sounds familiar, it’s because this publication has referred to him repeatedly as the “Nazi Health Nurse” of Bozeman whose draconian masking and distancing policies has drawn protests outside of his home by Patriots who tire of his unconstiutional directives. Kelly claims he was inspired by the Peace Corps. However, this Matt Kelly of Bozeman is not the Health Director who spells his last name with an additional ‘e’. He is actually the progressive attorney with Tarlow, Stonecipher, Weamer and Kelley Law Firm. Kelley organized or ran a Wyoming Green Decoy Group called Wyoming Conservation Corp which appears to be a sportsman’s group but in fact exists to limit access to hunting in the name of resource development and “conservation.”

Only two projects are listed by the fund; the first a post that has now been scrubbed from the Internet of their “conservation” candidate endorsements, which were 100% Democrat. The other is an article claiming there needs to be more Fish Wildlife and Parks officers to stop poaching (FWLP needs to be gutted of funding and hopefully will be by the upcoming legislative session).

The group’s funding is a Green Decoy Group known as the Montana Conservation Voters. Its first article on the website praises legislators for giving away Montana water rights in the CSKT “water compact” that steals 75% of Montana’s water rights. Ultimately, they’re funded by money filtered from Washington D.C. to help Democrats get elected using environmental issues as their primary bugbear (see below).

Green Decoys writes of their funding sources, “[They’re received] over $3 million in foundation money. Almost none of this money came from Montana groups. The largest donor is the Brainerd Foundation ($1.5 million) in Seattle. Other donors include the Wyss Foundation, funded by foreign billionaire Hansjorg Wyss, and the Tides Foundation, a liberal “money laundry” foundation based in San Francisco.”

As you can see, there’s nothing “Montana” about “Forward Montana” other than a host of college-aged patsies they’ve talked into posing for a photo and be given a fake title. It’s a voter-misinformation campaign funded by out-of-state money and run by out-of-state organizations hell-bent on taking away Montana resources and pushing an enviornmentalist agenda.


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