WHITEFISH MONTANA: Peer Pressure to Mask Up at Epic Proportions


At first glance, Whitefish Montana appears to be a utopia that is nothing short of heaven on earth. Droves of new people are emerging from all over the world to visit and inhabit this magical wonderland of excitement, natural and serene beauty. Homes and land are being scarfed up with real estate prices skyrocketing (and realtors hunting down the locals like dogs begging them to sell their lifelong abodes).

But what is Whitefish? Really? Well, I can tell you what it’s not anymore. It’s not conservative (at least for the most part). It’s not the old railroad and logging town it once was and it’s not FREE. The manipulative and hardcore attitude (albeit housed in a “friendly down-home atmosphere”) of “do what we SAY or we will shame you to death” is nauseating.

Virtue Signaling is everywhere. It’s hanging via friendly “happy reminder flags” all throughout the downtown area of Whitefish. (Talk about brainwashing.) “Mask Up. Keep our economy running. City Manager of The Fish.” “Mask Up. So I can play. Musician of The Fish.” The list goes on, ad nauseum.

Then we have the feel-good BOHO musician crowd…headed up by none other than the legendary John Dunnigan, whose newest song is entitled, “All We Ask.” Lyrics tout, “When all the Doctors tell us it’s a serious disease, and I think I’d rather listen to the men with the degrees.” (Depends on what doctor you’re listening to. There are a lot of quacks out there.) “So all my friends here in the Fish, we just have this one wish, and it’s just such a simple task, and it’s really all we ask, just wear a mask.”

Residents of Whitefish post agendas throughout social media that are nothing short of a witch hunt. See the word” FORCE” in the next section? Yeah, that. So much for any semblance of the Constitution.

“Please call the Governor’s office on Monday, January 4th, and ask him to protect the freedoms of ALL Montanans and not rescind the mask mandate. Let’s PLEASE be smart about this and force [emphasis added] those who aren’t so smart to do the right thing. MONTANA NEEDS THE MASK MANDATE.”

Love Lives Here (LLH) is a group with many members who reside in Whitefish. Here is their premise: They claim to be a peace-loving group that accepts just about anyone and anything. Well, apparently not anything…one source stated, “It’s interesting that they ‘promote education and increase equality’ for ‘people with disabilities’ and ‘people of Jewish, Muslim or other faiths,’ but are all about forcing people with medical disabilities or strongly held religious beliefs to wear a face mask while in public. I would think they would be at the forefront of protecting people’s rights to NOT wear a face mask if they have a medical condition or strongly held religious beliefs that prevent them from doing so. I guess that doesn’t fit into their so-called narrative. They are hypocrites in my book.”

Let us not forget that this is the same quaint little mountain town that just last summer encountered a murder outside a bar on the cement where a Black Lives Matter transplant killed a local man and it was literally swept under the rug. (Heaven forbid the tourists would find out about the blood spilled in a parking lot just a block from City Hall.)

Buyer beware, because John Muhlfeld (Mayor of Whitefish) threw your happy little town under the bus in 2016 when he joined and signed Agenda 21/ICLEI (which stands for International Council on Local Environment Issues) along with his cohorts the Whitefish City Council. (And secretly, we might add.) Remember this same man (not a Whitefish native but an East Coast transplant, (which speaks volumes) is now the mayor of Whitefish Montana.

Muhlfeld and his cronies are either “completely ignorant about the ultimate goal of Agenda 21, or he/they are extremely evil traitors.” Another source stated, “It empowers those who agree and indoctrinates those who do not, and you are going to think you are having a bad dream when it comes into your home.” In a word? It’s EVIL.

To top it all off, this Monday, January 4th (in horrifying FEAR that the new governor will rescind the mask mandate, and he very well may), the Whitefish City Council will be voting on an Emergency Ordinance (EO) to require face coverings specifically in Whitefish.

Penalties for violations will be placed on businesses (not people), ranging from business license suspension to requesting the state Liquor Control Board revoke their liquor license.

Here are some rebuttals (counteractions as to WHY what Whitefish is proposing is NONSENSE):

1. UNJUSTIFIED due to continued lowering of COVID-19 cases in Flathead County.
2. UNJUSTIFIED because only five percent of hospital beds in Flathead County are being occupied by COVID patients. NONE at North Valley Hospital in Whitefish as of 01/02/21
3. UNDUE burden on already struggling businesses.
4. UNENFORCEABLE by city employees. County health department cannot help.
5. NO DATA PROVIDED justifying face-coverings prevent transmission of viral disease. (Show me the data!)
6. PEOPLE ARE HURTING AND ANGRY! They tend to vote out incumbent politicians who have caused them harm. November 2021 elections are just 10 months away.
7. The current state-wide State of Emergency may be terminated in January by either the majority Republican legislature or Governor Gianforte. After that, you will have no more excuse to justify any face coverings and will be forced to rescind it.

So the next time you think about relocating to the sweet, congenial land of Whitefish Montana?


[Editor’s Note: This op-ed was contributed by Brenda Roskos]


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  1. Citizens need to not comply. No permission needed. The other night, ny friend and I ate at Wasabi, and had a coffee at The Northern. No mask.

    We don’t need permission to breathe freely. THEY are the ones breaking the law.


  2. Thank you, Brenda for writing this article. The City of Whitefish were so humiliated last night by the public comments during the meeting that they actually edited them out of the YouTube posting.

    This is disgusting. I own a business in whitefish and you’re right, the people are scratching their heads asking “Is this Montana?”

  3. If the murder in Whitefish you were referring is the one in that happened in the VFW parking lot in July…that had NOTHING to do with BLM. It was just a stupid bar fight gone wrong. I know people who witnessed that fight and who knew one or both of those men. Again, it has nothing to do with BLM whatsoever.
    In the future, I hope you will choose your words more wisely and refrain from twisting events and facts in order for them to fit your agenda. This is not a matter of opinion, it is a fact.
    As for the rest of your article, it’s laughable at best.
    Whitefish is far from conservative and never really has been. Wearing a mask is not political, it’s because people are dying from a virus that you could possibly prevent the spread of if you just wore a mask….and actually cared about other people.
    Please show me one single religion or religious belief that would prevent you from wearing a mask to protect your fellow human beings.
    Once again, this is not about politics, it’s science and being a decent human being who cares if others live or die.

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