Democrat Declares Sovereignty Over Room Where Jennifer Fielder Was to Be Sworn-In as PSC Commissioner


Claiming that the room where Jennifer Fielder was to be sworn-in as PSC Commissioner (originally room 303 in the capitol) was his personal space, a Democratic legislator named Christopher Pope (D-Bozeman) waltzed into the room and announced it was his personal space. It is unclear from reports why Pope made the claim, but it seems that Fielder graciously responded to the chaos with a dose of personal dignity and instead of dragging the man out by his collar, was happily sworn-in in the hallway under a stained-glass window known as the “barrel vault.”

Sources close to the PSC acknowledge that the anarchist wasn’t man-handled out of the room by the request of Fielder, who preferred to remain dignified in the face of adversity and flexible for the circumstance. It is currently unknown what reason the Democrat Senator gave for declaring ownership over the room all for his personal space.

It did not soil an otherwise momentous occasion for the Public Service Commissioner who won the support of her district despite frequent attacks spearheaded by yellow journalists who have insisted that the stateswoman is a rightwing “extremist” for being pro-life and supportive of gun rights.

Fielder faced attacks of faux-journalists, vandalism by Antifa activists, consistent misrepresentation, campaign interference by out-of-state Democrat donors, and now, an attempt at disrupting the democratic process by a senator blockading access to capitol property.


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