Supporters of President Donald Trump climb the west wall of the the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021, in Washington. (AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)

In the most momentous event ever to take place in the history of the United States Capitol, today, Patriots in 1776 fashion performed a bold and heroic takeover. “Petitioning their government for grievances” (according to the 1st Amendment) was the goal of these courageous freedom fighters.

The US House and Senate instantaneously and immediately recessed as US Capitol Police executed a lockdown. Police officers ran door to door in the legislative building, commanding lawmakers and staff to evacuate just prior to the valiant nationalists flooding the hallways.

At their wit’s end and after the horrendously stressful election fraud, (and rightfully so) frustrated and agitated citizens could no longer contain themselves. (And yet, albeit under personal control, meaning acting in a nonviolent manner.)

Trump supporters donning MAGA hats (but courageously void of face masks) convened at The Ellipse, where the president addressed them midday Wednesday. The throng faced the White House, and a stage was flanked by two humongous “Save America March” signs that undulated to the beat and rhythm of the Village People song “Macho Man” and Michael Jackson’s “Billy Jean.”

After the oration, they pushed past barriers onto the Capitol grounds, bellowing, “Whose Capitol? Our Capitol!” Police and other security put up more defenses, and security layers as loyalists broke through the initial security layer. Heroic protestors ascended and mounted the scaffolding, looking for any way in to get to the Capitol as armed Police hastily tackled them (or tried to.)

Brave and courageous patriots swarmed the hallways.

“Earlier in the day, Mr. Trump had gathered his supporters at the White House and vowed to “never concede” before urging them to march to the Capitol to register their discontent.” “The president’s son Donald Trump Jr. greeted the crowd with: “Hello, Patriots!”

As Trump supporters climbed the exterior of the Capitol to get inside, bursts of what seemed to be gas canisters were being discharged and launched (though, at first, it was puzzling and perplexing as to who was firing them.) Online patriots on the scene who saw firsthand what took place stated it was US Capitol police. The scene on the ground is jumbled, tumultuous, and chaotic as officers got involved. However, this was a result of the actions of the Police.

To be specific, the Patriots are peaceful and acting proactively.


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  1. So your last article claimed that it was ANTIFA that raided the capital. Now it’s “courageous freedom fighters?”
    Can’t really have it both ways.


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