‘Daily Montanan’ Reporter Promotes Violence, Vandalism, & Defunding the Police


The start-up news publication promised it was unbiased and independent, but its reports are actually Black Lives Matter activists

The Montana Daily Gazatte did the journalism necessary to warn you of what Montana Public Radio did not when they glowingly announced the creation of another “news” organization in the Big Sky State; the Daily Montanan is funded by Democrat activists from Washington D.C. and staffed with progressives to give you fake news coverage.

As we initially reported, “The Fake News outlet, which fallaciously claims is ‘independent’ is not independent at all. It’s the product of (A) disgruntled Lee Enterprises employees and (B) progressive Helena insiders. Its editor will be former Billings Gazette editor, Darrell Ehrlick. Erhlick is a notorious leftist and socialist who has repeatedly attacked organizations like the Montana Family Foundation with famously biased reporting. Jeff Lazsloffy once called Ehrlick, ‘venomous, snarky, immature, unprofessional.

Additionally, Montana Gazette uncovered the funding source of the Daily Montanan, which is from extreme leftwing sources out of the Beltway and managed by North Carolina Democrats (see below).

But since our initial report, we have discovered that the Daily Montanan’s lead reporter, Arren Kimbel-Sannit, is actually a Black Lives Matter activist who has promoted the commandeering of local governments, coordinated violence, vandalism, the destruction of public property, and mob rule. Additionally, he supports defunding law enforcement.

Kimbel-Sannit also posts photos of Black Lives Matter’s domestic terrorism rallies around the country (see below).

The signs, pictured positively by the activist, say things like “cops kill people” and glorifies blood and grafitti being added to public monuments.

I other comments, the reporter-activist claims that “black people are still being tortured, caged, and murdered by the state…” (see below).

Although the rest of Montana’s legacy press can’t be bothered to do real journalism and research, the Montana Daily Gazette is still here doing their job and taking their share of the information market. By and large, they are spiraling into bankruptcy for this very reason…they are bad at real journalism.

Meanwhile, remember when you see the new ‘Daily Montanan’ that it’s not news, it will not last, and is not done by Montanans for Montanans. It’s just another out-of-state fake news outlet that wants to masquerade as real journalists. They are not.


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