Montana RINO Legislator Finds Out the Hard Way that Masks Don’t Work


David Bedey (“R”) of Hamilton has insisted upon wearing a mask in public and especially when attending the Montana legislature. According to the Republican, who has an F-Rating in party loyalty from Legistats, masks are the key to mitigating the spread of COVID-19 and he voted to require masks from members of the House Appropriations Committee alongside his Solutions Caucus compatriot, Llew Jones.

But masking “science” is really not science at all, and the best medical studies reject the notion that facial masks stop the spread of airborne viruses like COVID-19. Infection Control Today calls cloth masks “useless to stop the spread.” In a randomized, control study conducted by Danish researchers and as published by Annals of Internal Medicine, physicians determined little to no effect of masks in preventing the spread of the virus. Study after study (click here for more clinical studies) reveal that masks are virtually useless in stopping the spread of the virus, something that mask manufacturers themselves argue. Meanwhile, if we go fishing in the Memory Hole, we’ll remember that Dr. Anthony Fauci and the CDC warned us not to wear masks as the pandemic began.

Masks are designed as a visual reminder that there is a deadly pestilence killing people, made necessary by the fact that there is not a deadly pestilence that is killing people at any higher rates than the seasonal flu or other viruses that regularly coast in and out of the global population. How else would people remember there is a pandemic if it weren’t for the daily visual reminder? It’s not as though our hospitals are overflowing or healthy people are dropping dead (neither is happening).

Masks also serve the purpose of a textile pacifier for a populace that has been intentionally terrified by their government and media; it’s not science, it’s superstition and designed to both terrify and pacify. Additionally, masks serve the purpose of turning the populace into Non-Player Characters, amorphous, non-distinct orbs with amorphous, non-distinct thoughts.

Generally speaking, wearing a mask symbolizes a religious-like faith in government that borders on profane superstition. It is to optimistically hope in the capacity of an all-powerful government to cure disease. It is to fear one’s own mortality to the point that all rationality and serious inquisition of the truth is exchanged for a facial security blanket. And wearing a mask, given what we know now about the virus, denotes someone who is either illiterate or unwilling to reseach, read, and accept the medical data regarding COVID-19.

David Bedey is one of those niggling lemmings and small-minded lilliputians who, despite the evidence, wear a mask to signal his virtue and appeal to government-funded propagandists with superstitious adoration. But there’s one thing that a mask could not do when worn faithfully on David Bedey’s face…protect him from COVID-19.

According to the Legislature’s COVID-19 response chair, Jason Ellsworth, Bedey, “came into contact with the virus via a non-legislative, non-Capitol contact that occurred prior to the start of the session. He’s a member of the House Appropriations Committee, which met this week.”

Reportedly, Bedey is asymptomatic, meaning that he’s so sick he wouldn’t even know it if he didn’t get a test (meaning he’s not sick at all). Of course, the latest medical studies done directly at Wuhan’s ground zero shows that asymptomatic people can’t spread COVID-19 at all. But you know…who cares what the scientists have to say? There’s fear to monger.

Bedey is now quarantinning away from the legislature.

Meanwhile, Democrats are trying to spike the football over COVID-19 spreading at the capitol after they tried their darndest to keep the legislature from meeting. We’ll be here to remind you that Bedey, who might as well be a Democrat anyway, wore his mask as faithfully as Llew Jones eats breakfast. It didn’t help him. It won’t help you. It doesn’t help anyone.

Let it be a lesson to everyone; take off your mask, breathe freely, and when you inevitibly get COVID-19 (and you will), take a homoeopathic recipe to fight off the cold and move forward with your life like a grown-up.


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