RINO Bill Will Force Montana Businesses to Obey Mask Mandates and Local Health Orders


SB65 is advertized as a bill designed to protect Montana businesses. It will do exactly the opposite.

Governor Greg Gianforte told Montanans that he would repeal Steve Bullock’s mask mandate as soon as the legislature passed a bill to protect Montana businesses from lawsuits in the event COVID-19 spread on the business’ property. However, the bill proposed by Senator Fitzpatrick and ostensibly supported by Governor Gianforte will force businesses to abide by local mask mandates in order to receive protections under the legislation.

Steve Fitzpatrick (“R”)

In short, the legislation will actually make it harder for Montana businesses to respect the medical privacy of their customers and will penalize them if they refuse to treat the orders of unelected health officials as though they were laws.

The Big Sky Policy Institute issued a statement today, “Senator Steve Fitzpatrick (SD20 – Helena) is F-rated in party loyalty on Legistats and is the 8th most liberal Republican in the Montana Senate. It is a concern that the bill would be introduced by a Solutions Caucus member at all, least alone Fitzpatrick, who has repeatedly shown a commitment to increasing the size of state government at nearly every turn.”

They continue, “SB65, authored by Fitzpatrick, appears at first glance to protect businesses. But while the bill “sets limits on civil actions” against businesses, it actually requires businesses to obey mandates demanded originally by Governor Bullock (D) and the army of unelected local health boards who have carried out his orders. For businesses to receive immunity from lawsuits, they have to obey the very mandates that Gianforte says he wants to repeal.

Several screenshots were provided, demonstrating the bill is misleading. The first is the bill’s description, which states that businesses will only receive protections if they follow “certain types of regulations” (see below).

What are those regulations?

Regulations businesses will be required to follow include “federal or state statute, regulation, order, or public health guidance related to COVID-19…” This includes the orders and directives of local governments and unelected health boards, including those made in places like Whitefish that far exceed even Governor Bullock’s orders.

Big Sky Policy Institute says, “Furthermore, even if Gianforte does lift the mask mandate after this bill is passed (he is not obligated to), it could in theory be imposed again at any time, leaving businesses vulnerable to the tyranny of emergency orders. And, as stated above, the language in the bill would require residents in more liberal cities like Whitefish, Bozeman, and Missoula to obey local health declarations (which will exceed the governor’s orders) as though the orders were law.”

You can read the bill here.


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  1. This bill also codifies Covid as a never ending excuse to strip Montanans of the rights all the while picking and choosing who gets a non proven “vaccine”. This bill is risky as it can very easily set the stage for a genocidal nightmare. The Governor is gleefully anxious to jab the Native American population and the elderly. The government will pick the winners and losers. There is no upside to this.

  2. Anyone with any brains can see that C-19 was a hoax! A lie! A method of manipulation and destruction! A mild sickness in comparison to the Spanish flu. Nothing at all what they said. Lies upon lies!!!

    The mainstream and social medias should be removed and obliterated for numerous reasons but mostly for the violations of freedom of speech! We don’t need fact checking lie holes! Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and the rest of the globalists communists and collectivists should be arrested and charged with treason here in the USA.

    The evil bastards have been and are being revealed! So let’s string em up! Bill gates, Faucci, Pelosi, Rockefellers, Morgan’s, Bush, Duponts, etc. ALL OF THEM! Wipe out The W.H.O. and stomp CHINA – RUSSIA – GREAT BRITAIN and IRAN! TOAST EM ALL right now. TIME TO STOP PLAYING GAMES!

    It’s graduation day folks… Let’s eliminate every evil and head home! KILL IT! KILL THE EVIL!!!!! ELIMINATE EVERY EVIL RIGHT NOW!

    Ya can’t reason with Demons. Ya can’t drink poison for so long and expect to be healthy or unaffected. Well golly G Wiz, have we been affected? WELL? Time for cleansing. There’s a virus alright, it’s called communism, globalism, socialism, which were all born from Satanism.

    Diplomacy has been exhausted. It’s time for a cleansing! Time for War! We are one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all Americans! REPENT! Turn from your wicked and evil ways! Seek the Lord God whom this country was founded upon! Return to the origin of moral excellence!

    2nd Chronicles 7:14

  3. And for the Senators, Congressman, Governor’s and other leaders of this country who laid down like a paid prostitute and took the money instead of fighting for our constitutional rights as Americans? Instead of fighting for TRUTH? Scientific FACTS? For our economy? Mental health? Spiritual and over all well being?

    You who suppressed the truth? Hid behind your masks? Manipulate? WHO HAVE NO BALLS OR HONOR for the people of America? WHO BRING SHAME ON THEIR OWN FAMILY AND THE PEOPLE THAT THEY REPRESENT?

    You who have now made an enormous amount of people nauseous and question whether or not your in on the great lie and are yourselves evil globalist/communists!

    You who are proud self serving demon possessed criminals full of lies and deception? You who are corrupted by power and money!

    The harvest is coming right back to you and it’s gonna affect you deeply! It will affect your closest family.

    What you reap you WILL sow.

    It’s no different than gravity. It’s a law of cause and effect.



    It is a dreadful and awful thing to fall into the angry hands of God.


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