The tech world was set ablaze recently when tech-giant, Apple Inc. threatened to ban upstart social media platform, Parler unless they clamped down on free speech. The content they consider inappropriate is the issue at hand, which is a euphemism for restricting free speech. Parler, a replacement to Twitter, has become exceedingly favorable among conservatives lately and has seen its membership skyrocket recently as big tech has ramped-up its censorship.

By all accounts, it appears that Apple is on a rampage.

Last week Parler received a notice on their account from Apple demanding that Parler adopt community guidelines that reflect those of Apple; which essentially requires Parler to eliminate certain types of individuals as part of those guidelines.

The distinct possibility of being banned from the app store is very upsetting and distressing to Parler owners who had the following to say, “I think it’s political and I think it’s bigoted. They don’t want conservatives communicating freely on a platform with people they like.”

So while Apple is calling for a strict modification from Parler, Google pulled the trigger and DID remove Parler from its app store.

Other sources stated, “The App Store is the only way to distribute apps to iPhones, so banishment poses a serious challenge to online services. However, they often can still be reached through websites. Indeed, browser makers and web developers have been building technology called progressive web apps (PWAs) designed to give websites all the power of apps, particularly on mobile devices.”

Twitter, a long-time censor of Conservative voices, has blocked Trump as well as Sidney Powell and 74,000,000 Trump supporters. After numerous inflammatory accusations against the President and his followers, heavy censorship has taken place in an attempt to quiet the conservative right.

One doesn’t need to do much study to determine that censorship in America is at an all-time high.

Oddly enough, this wasn’t the case during the BLM/ANTIFA riots, lootings, and burnings when pictures and comments were heavily floating around social media on all platforms, especially last summer following George Floyd’s death. Where was the censorship then as graphic images and content flooded the internet at breakneck speed?

Big Tech companies seem to be in the mode of “Do as I say and not as I do.”

Dan Bogino (one of the investors and owners of Parler ) performed an emergency Facebook live announcement today stating, “We are in real trouble right now ladies and gentlemen, and I’ve been talking about this for three to four years now on my show, the need to construct a parallel economy to get away from these tech tyrants and their liberal overlords. If you don’t think this fight is coming for you, to your door next, then you are insane. I need you to do something, Call your legislatures, call your congressmen today and ask them what they’re doing about this. We have to have equal application of the law across the board. We can’t have the public square evaporate in front of our very eyes because this new police state they want brought down upon us, cus now they feel like they’re free to do it because Joe Biden won the presidency. And they feel like they’ve taken control of the senate too. They feel like they can just kick us off and shut us all up. A society can’t exist like this with two separate sets of rules. One for us and one for them.”

Don Bogino’s message is clear: contact your congressmen (and women.)

President Trump also stated that “he’s looking at building a separate platform.”

In the meantime, as we see more and more censorship in the following days and weeks, there are other platforms to choose from (at least for now) including,, and


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