Sen. Tester Says Daines, Rosendale Should Be ‘Held Accountable’ for Treason


The penalty for treason is death under U.S. law, and Senator Jon Tester says Montana’s other federal legislators should face the punishment for their crimes

While it’s likely that Jon Tester has fully thought-out the foregone conclusion of his words, he appears close to claiming that his fellow Montanans – Senator Steve Daines and Representative Matt Rosendale – should face the stiffest of penalties for believing that voter fraud existed in the 2020 presidential election.

Yes, it seems that Senator Tester is indeed asking that Montana’s elected leaders face punishment and censure for holding to an opinion he doesn’t like, foreboding a dark day of New Fascism in Biden’s Fourth Reich.

In an interview over the weekend, Tester told the press, “There is no doubt in my mind that the responsibility lies at the feet of not only Trump but the 13 sitting Senators and a number of House members too, I might add, on this domestic terrorist event that was a coup on our democracy.”

While Daines backed away from rejecting electoral college certification of voter fraud after the capitol siege instigated by Antifa leaders, he asserted that voter fraud likely existed up and until the moment a crowd of patriots – unknowingly led by Antifa anarchists dressed in Vikings gear – were inexplicably escorted into the public building by capitol police.

Rosendale was among House members who voted not to certify the systemic election fraud.

Speaking of Republicans who stood by the president, Tester went on

“I really think it will be a huge mistake if the Senate does nothing because then what we’re saying is for those people who want to commit treasonous acts towards our country, that’s just OK. We’ll let them do it. And that means it will happen again and it won’t take 207 years to do it next time.”

After calling for his Republican colleagues and others to be held liable for the crimes of a few, Tester ironically said, “I think there’s some opportunity to build some bridges especially with the folks who understand this country and this government and I’m encouraged by that.”

The punishment for treason, according to U.S. law, is death.

Meanwhile, Tester argued that Trump “should be watched” by “people in the White House,” explicitly stating that those in Trump’s cabinet should undermine the remaining days of his presidency, which is indeed sedition by the textbook definition.

Tester said, “I think the president needs to be watched very closely over the next 12 days, needs to be watched very, very closely. And hopefully, there are folks in the White House to do that.”

What Tester has called for – the conspiratorial undermining of a sitting U.S. President from within his own White House – fits the definition of Seditious Conspiracy, the punishment of which is 20 years in prison.

Reportedly, various patriot groups in Montana are planning to place Tester under Citizen’s arrest for conspiratorial sedition at the earliest convenience. The chances of success are dubious, if not unlikely, but for Tester’s own safety he might best plan to keep a lower profile in Montana than he currently has in Washington.


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