Activism Exclusive: We Have Video Proving MAGA Patriots Tried to...

Exclusive: We Have Video Proving MAGA Patriots Tried to Stop Attack on Capitol


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The video, an exclusive of Montana Daily Gazette, shows Trump supporters trying to stop Antifa from leading a riot into the capitol

Amy Procter, a photojournalist from Maryland, (and friend of Flathead County patriots) has graciously shared with the Montana Daily Gazette her detailed account of that incredulous first Wednesday of the New Year.  She set out to the “Save America Rally” on the morning of January 6th, in Washington D.C.  Excitement and anticipation filled the air as Patriots sang “God Bless America” and the  “Star-Spangled Banner.”

Morale was at an all-time high. As they approached the Ellipse to hear from our President,  Proctor stated, “He’s done so much for us the least we could do is show up and support him.”

Proctor said, “There were literally millions of people everywhere you looked, there were people everywhere. I have first and second-hand accounts of what happened that day.”

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She went on, “After the President encouraged us, we proceeded down Pennsylvania Avenue toward the Capitol building…Heading toward the Capitol, on Pennsylvania Avenue, is when we heard Mike Pence wouldn’t support opposing certifications and that Mitch McConnell was saying garbage about the election being over. Trump supporters were discouraged and upset claiming that the presidency was over and some mentioned going third party. The entire mood changed.”

Proctor then explained the scene unfold as a group of unruly people acting against the crowd arose on the scene, “As we approached the Capitol in the parking lot we saw a big statue, people were climbing on it. That’s when I started noticing random guys in the area in SWAT gear, gas masks, etc. This was before the tear gas bombs were set off by the Capitol police.”

Another individual stated…

“I witnessed Antifa trying to smash windows that were tackled down by Trump supporters. A female patriot started screaming ‘ANTIFA, ANTIFA!,’ trying to alarm her fellow Trump supporters. A freedom lover tackled an Antifa member and the crowd began to cheer!”

Proctor continued,  “What I didn’t see or experience was out of control or belligerent Trump supporters. What I did see were people pretending to be there for Trump but acting contrary to that end. A patriot  in the crowd shouted…

“That’s not what we do!” A man exclaimed, “You are supposed to be better than the people we are protesting against!”

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Proctor continued, “Twenty minutes later I was in the crowd rushing up the steps toward the Capitol when out of nowhere the first two explosions went off. We all flinched and said, What was that?! It was tear gas and we could see smoke billowing from the balcony of the Capitol.  A slow-moving stampede started and I almost got crushed!”

 She went on to further describe the scene, “Immediately following the explosion, cries of “Clear a hole! came as people carrying the two casualties (who I thought were heart attack victims and clearly in distress)  assisted them into ambulances. A minute or two later, patriots started bellowing  ‘police stand down! Police stand down!’ in retort to the unprovoked setting off of tear gas by the Capitol police. No one was doing wrong when the Capitol police set off tear gas explosions; there was absolutely no reason for them to do that.”

Proctor was animated as she shared, “I am almost certain after studying [various videos of the event from perspectives other than mine] that the people right in front of me saying, ‘Mask up when you get inside there’s tear gas inside, mask up when you get inside!’ were very possibly Antifa. Another thing they said was, ‘Push forward! Be aggressive!’ These are all things experts agree are trademark Antifa tactics!”

In Proctor’s video and in her eyewitness testimony it is evident that MAGA patriots were trying to stop the riot, not start it. They can be heard in the video shouting..

“No breaking or stealing, respect our house! Another man chimed in, WE RESPECT OUR HOUSE!” 

What started as a day full of anticipation, enthusiasm, and great expectation, sadly enough, ended up in anxiety and horror.

Amy Proctor keeps rolling the entire event over and over again in her mind as she is trying to piece everything together in chronological order to help herself make sense out of the experience. Even several days after that catastrophic event her eyes were still irritated and burning from the tear gas.

Surely this was the case with many that day.


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  1. Yet, the filthy dishonest dems and 10 RINO bastards impeached POTUS Donald J. Trump. Cheered on by many millions of morons who believe everything that the DNC lap dogs spew out hourly on the TV and print commonly referred to as the main stream media. This publication is criticized for being edited by a right wing Christian. Given the choice between a “right wing Christian” from Montana and any millionaire hypocrite like Don Lemmon of CNN, I’ll side with the guy from Montana, as I think Don Lemmon is full of shit.


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