MailChimp Bans Montana Gazette For Sending Emails of “Unapproved News”


The email service might have bitten off more than they can chew by censoring the Montana-based group, which is now putting together legislative options to reign in Big Tech censorship

[Sidney, MT] The publisher for Montana Daily Gazette, Gideon Knox Group, was notified minutes ago by Mailchimp that it has violated its terms of service by sending out “banned” news stories in their mass email blasts. Earlier in the week, Mailchimp banned a pro-gun group in North Carolina from sending emails. In October, the company promised to start fact-checking your personal correspondence and ban content they didn’t agree with.

Read the Gideon Knox Press Release here.

Gideon Knox Group received notification only moments ago that it had violated Mailchimp’s “terms of service,” but Mailchimp did not say how. Nonetheless, the company has forbidden Gideon Knox Group from sending emails on behalf of its various conservative and Christian publications. Gideon Knox publishes content for various churches, Christian news outlets, and conservative news organizations it manages. All Mailchimp said was that its service had been suspended, with a link to user policy guidelines. You can read the Gideon Knox Press Release here.

Gideon Knox Group launched The Insurgency email list only four days ago, and did so in light of Big Tech censorship of outlets run by the Christian publisher (Protestia, Pulpit & Pen, Montana Daily Gazette etc) and other sites like Gateway Pundit, The Federalist, Zero Hedge, Liberty Daily, Todd Starnes, Steve Deace, The Blaze, The Post Millennial, Sovereign Nations, and smaller sites like Reformation Charlotte and Mile High Evening News.

In their announcement regarding the “banned” news email list, Gideon Knox Group president, Jordan Hall, wrote…

Consider this: the current technocratic and statist regime believes that the biggest problem in 2021 America is the ability of people to effectively communicate, and are doing everything possible to stop the free-flow of information between citizens.

Hall’s words seemed prophetic, as only 4 days later Gideon Knox Group was banned from emailing their customers who voluntarily asked to be added to their email list. Now, even private and confidential communications are being silenced by Big Tech.

Hall went on, “Not only does this tyranny prevent well-meaning humans from positively interacting in the Marketplace of Ideas, but it weaponizes fear and manipulation. When people ‘do not know what to believe’ they will look with great suspicion upon all forms of media, discount all valid reports, and will be more likely to fall for misinformation posited in the forms of unsubstantiated and dangerous rumor.”

The terms of service linked for Gideon Knox Group does not specify their violation (see below).

Mailchimp promises to ban illegal goods or services, prohibit spam (all Gideon Knox’s email addresses are given by email users voluntarily in a request to sign up to get content), pornography, terrorism or “violent extremism,” and products claiming to treat COVID-19 or price-gouging COVID-19 cures.

Note that none of that was done by Gideon Knox Group, who merely included news links to conservative and Christian sources. Mailchimp also says they add extra scrutiny (below) to market tips, horoscopes, mortgages and loans, nutritional supplements, adult entertainment, online dating, and real estate.

The Insurgency email list – all three days out of four it sent emails – merely gave the headlines to news articles without commentary. Many of the outlets are staffed with award-winning and credentialed journalists who have broken national or global news and who have been cited repeatedly in the mainstream media. And yet, because it’s content that Mailchimp does not approve of, it’s stopping the ability of Gideon Knox Group from communicating with their supporters and readers.

Gideon Knox Group president, Jordan Hall, responded, “We did not break their terms of service; we hurt their feelings by telling people the truth about what’s happening in our country. The question of the hour is how a major corporation like Mailchimp is simultaneously involved in the communications business while – on the other hand – stifling free speech. It’s as much a Benedict Arnold move as ‘journalists’ with USA Today providing their services to Technocrats to ‘fact-check’ their competition into silence. They are Quislings and turn-coats who have used capitalism against capitalists.”

However, it appears that The Insurgency email list will continue without Mailchimp. Hall said, “Thankfully, I saw the headlines about Mailchimp’s censorship policy and told my communications manager at Libolt Media to immediately back-up our email lists. This morning, my secretary worked on finding alternative free-speech email services. This afternoon, they canceled us. I consider it providential.”

He then added, “Remind me not to do business with the devil again. Jesus said the truth will set you free, which tells us exactly what side our Technocratic Overlords are working for. Their goal is not truth telling, but truth-stifling.”

Currently, Gideon Knox Group is working on setting up a “pirate radio network” across the Rocky Mountain states to broadcast a daily news update over the airwaves and in addition is researching the use of WAN networks to create city-wide “free internet” zones to work around Big Tech’s censors in more populace areas.

Additionally, the Big Sky Public Policy Institute, headed up by Gideon Knox Group, immediately called Public Service Commissioner, Randy Pinocci, who will soon be issuing a call to the Montana legislature to ensure that if Big Tech companies like Mailchimp act like a utility they will be treated like one and therefore receive oversight of the Public Service Commission.

Commissioner Pinocci, who in turn called legislators who were responsive to the notion of giving regulatory oversight of Big Tech utilities to the PSC, told the Montana Daily Gazette, “We’ll make a statement soon, but suffice it say that we aren’t going to let Big Tech boss around our constituents. We’ll do everything possible to ensure a free Internet for people on both the left and the right, regardless of their political persuasion. Censorship is not okay, ever.”

Hall said, “We’ll get out the truth. You can’t stop it. Truth doesn’t retire. It doesn’t die. Truth doesn’t go away. It can’t be imprisoned. Truth can’t be chained.”

The Baptist preacher and political activist concluded by referencing a scene from Orwell’s 1984, “So good luck, suckers. We’re marching forward and Big Tech can’t take the truth to Room 101, because truth is intangible, untouchable, immutable. The truth will get out no matter what and we are still marching forward.”


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