Pro-Abortion Group Registers ‘Montana Daily Gazette’ With Secretary of State


The group, which already fraudulently advertises itself as “pro-family,” is funded by George Soros and tried to steal our publication’s name.

The Montana Daily Gazette is a news organization that provides top-notch journalistic reporting from the perspective of a Christian and conservative worldview. Our publication could not be more expicitly anti-infanticide and believes that all human beings qualify as “people” who deserve basic civil liberties (like life). The Montana Human Rights Network holds the opposite view, that the most vulnerable human beings are not persons and don’t deserve to live. But that difference did not stop the organization from fraudulently claiming to operate a business named ‘Montana Daily Gazette’ with the Secretary of State.

We have written about the Montana Human Rights Network before, in articles like Montana Human Rights Group Issues Warning About ‘Fundamentalist Christians’ (and Libertarians).

The Montana Human Rights Network is a pro-LGBTQLMNOP organization that also lobbies for infanticide. As you can see in the photo from the group’s Facebook page, they organize marches and rallies promoting sodomy throughout western Montana. Left, you can see the photograph of a poor young man being abused by his parents, wearing lipstick and make-up, being forced to march as homosexuals stand behind him.

The group supports pedophile storytime at local libraries and does it best to indoctrinate children with the anti-science mythology of “transgenderism.” Most recently, they were opposing HB112 and HB113, which forbade doctors from forcing underaged children to mutilate their genitals.

The Montana Human Rights Network is a Pink Slime group, meaning that they appear to be locally funded and staffed, but are actually an out-of-state Dark Money organization designed to affect local politics. You can see how they spend their money below:

Where does the organization get their money to promote murder and perverseness full-time? The answer is, in part, George Soros, a funder of the organization (see below or click hyperlink to the left).

Montana Daily Gazette discovered their filing under our publication’s name today (see below).

Although the filing does not say who filed it, it tells us their P.O. Box. Notice, the P.O. Box is 1509 Helena, MT. That’s the same P.O. Box as Soros’ Montana Human Rights Network (see below).

Montana Daily Gazette’s attorney discovered the filing while preparing one for the publication. The filing name did not previously exist at the Secretary of State’s office because the publication operated under that of its owner (at the time), Gideon Knox. Ironically, the name will still not be used by the publication now that it is being purchased by Montana investors (so the joke is on them, apparently).

And no, we do not have to stop using the name, Montana Daily Gazette, because we have common law use of the name, as the publication existed for months before the pro-abortion/pro-gay group tried to commandeer it.

It should not surprise us that people who spend their lives advocating for homicide and child abuse full-time would play dirty. But it might surprise them that Gideon Knox Group now owns their .com domains and have forwarded them to our website articles critical of their organization.


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