Michael Yon: At the Capitol, “The United States is going into Civil War.”


Michael Yon is perhaps one of the world’s most key men to have ever lived. He stated recently in an interview, “I am the world’s leading authority on Antifa; I am a war correspondent. And I was filming the event at the Capitol. I was outside the building watching the activities out there. Antifa clearly led the attack. That was utterly obvious.” 

Yon has been to hundreds of protests. 

“I’m very familiar with their tactics. I’m very familiar with their procedures.” 

“Antifa are masters at what they do. They change their clothes so they can’t be detected by police. (This was the case with the man who shot Ashli Babbitt then descended downstairs to change his clothing.) They do not change their shoes. This is so they are easily identifiable to each other.”

 Yon also revealed, “They wear matching helmets, shoes, armbands that light up, etc. within “cells.” (Cells are individual groups within Antifa, usually comprised of four to eight people working as a team. Multiple teams go to rallies.) “Cells” tend to sit down together. Sometimes you see antennas hanging out of backpacks etc. The advanced Antifa cells are more discreet.”

” Antifa will change their clothes during these rallies. They will do this under blankets or umbrellas. I saw one for instance changing under a flag. (Videos in the Capitol showed this as well, people changing in and out of their clothes.) They are just harder to track this way. I didn’t see umbrellas at the Trump rally but it’s another way to be sure they are Antifa.” 

“They use Hong Kong tactics. I spotted them wearing goggles, and 3M masks and that sort of thing. At the Capitol, there was a lady on a megaphone shouting, “Send up masks, send up the masks!” That’s a clear Hong Kong tactic that I’ve never seen in any other war or conflict. They said, “Send up shields!” We saw shields. There was Antifa written all over this. (You never see Trump supporters with shields.) Shields help protect from rubber bullets, gas bombs, etc.” 

“If you read, “Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook”, you will see what they did at the Capitol was right out of the handbook. They dress up in the enemies’ clothes (basically Trump supporter clothing, hats, t-shirts, etc.) and carry the enemies’ flags, Trump flags, the American flag, etc. That’s why they call it a “False Flag.” 

Yon has spent countless hours dressed matching Antifa members and has been in the enemy’s camp even drinking coffee with them in places like Portland, Oregon. He knows what they wear, how they act, and think.

“Many are on drugs” Yon disclosed. 

“There are also different assignments of Antifa as in “Agent Provocateur” (provoking people.) They often go into pre-existing crowds. Come this way, everybody! Waving their flag, they yell,” This is where it’s at over here!” Were going into this door right here!” And once people get riled up they will do it. We will go right through that door because were humans. ” Come on over here! There’s still time! Climb up here!” 

“At the event, they were seen taking apart bike racks and using them as ladders to help others climb up. They harness the energy of these events and lead people right in. (As into the Capitol itself.) They in essence hi-jack an event. People are sheep and will follow them.” 

“Trump supporters were trying to intervene and were also yelling, There’s Antifa they’re making us look bad! Look out there’s Antifa they’re going to attack us!” 


Yon recommends watching a movie entitled, “On Eagle’s Wings” and purchasing, “The Anti-Fascist Handbook” from Amazon.com 

Michael Yon is the “most experienced living American in combat correspondence. War is what I do. I see that the United States is clearly going into Civil War. It’s unambiguous at this point.” 


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