Montana Legislator Getting Death Threats for Protecting Women Athletes


Montana Legislator, John Fuller (HD 8) appeared on Montana Gazette Radio earlier today to discuss the 2 House Bills that he sponsored recently which have spurred death threats against the Vietnam Veteran and former school teacher.

The controversial bills in question are House Bill 112 and House Bill 113. Fuller, who represents Western Kalispell’s House District 8, stated on Montana Gazette Radio earlier today that HB 112 is not intended to “target” transgender individuals as the fake mainstream news portrays him to be doing, but merely protects female athletes who have a decided disadvantage against their transgender male counterparts.

In addition to House Bill 112, Fuller also introduced HB 113 which likely has as much to do with the threats Fuller has received as the aforementioned HB 112.

HB 113 is An Act Providing for Youth Health Protection, which basically prohibits physicians, nurse practitioners, physicians assistants, or other health care professionals from advancing drugs or procedures which would aid in the gender-transition of a minor.

Sadly, the threat against Fuller is not the only one levied against a currently serving Montana legislator, as Montana Daily Gazette recently published an article outlining the death wish against Lola Sheldon-Galloway (HD 22) for supporting the 2nd Amendment bill HB 102.

For any honest observer, the “party of unity” would seem to have a long way to go before there is any reconciliation with their conservative opposition.

The 1st video below is Representative Fuller briefly discussing his rationale for sponsoring the 2 controversial bills, while the 2nd video is the full interview with James White of Montana Gazette Radio.

Video 1 – Brief Discussion

Video 2 – Full Interview


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