Biden to Crush Montana Economy on Day 1, Stopping the Keystone Pipeline


The Keystone Pipeline is designed to safely take petroleum from as far north as Canada to the southern United States, providing billions of dollars in jobs and hundreds of millions in property tax revenue to the Big Sky State. Transporting petroleum in pipelines is infinitely safer than by rail, but this fact seems to matter little to Joe Biden, who now promises to scuttle the project on his first day in office.

It should be noted that one of Biden’s staunchest supporters and financial donors, Warren Buffett, has opposed the pipelines ostensibly on the grounds of environmental concerns. However, the real reason is probably that Buffett owns BNSF railroad, which is currently staying afloat by hauling crude oil aboard his rail line. Now, Montana will lose more than a hundred million dollars in projected property tax, which would have gone primarily to schools and public work projects.

Barrack Obama halted pipeline construction in 2015 with an executive order, and Trump overturned that order shortly after he became president. Now it seems that once against a Democrat president will act against Montana’s best economic interest and stop the work. It’s even more tragic for oil companies who have invested more than 10 billion dollars in the project.

Biden will also return the US to the Paris climate agreement – a radical environmental extremist treaty, reversing another decision President Trump who removed the United States from the treaty in 2018. This decision is in keeping with Biden’s environmentalist “Earth first” agenda that downplays the necessity of fossil fuels for our current economy and livelihoods.

Thankfully, Alberta’s premier, Jason Kenney, has promised legal action on behalf of the Canadian Province, against Biden if he unilateraly determines to fire thousands of workers and set America’s petroleum industry on fire.

The Keystone XL pipeline is designed to carry 830,000 barrels of heavy crude a day from Alberta to Nebraska (which would then head to the Gulf of Mexico for world transport).


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