Editors Picks Exclusive: FBI Credibly Accused of Corruption and Fake Bomb...

Exclusive: FBI Credibly Accused of Corruption and Fake Bomb Threats in Bozeman


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One of the many revelations that have arisen from the cavalcade of events in the past year is that the Federal Bureau of Investigations(FBI) is little more than the enforcement and blackmail brigade of the establishment criminal cabal.

Sadly, however, the rot at the FBI that has been laid bare over the course of the Trump presidency is not limited to the halls of power in DC. Like untreated cancer, the stench and disease of corruption spread out and settled in towns, counties, and villages across America.

The results have been life-changing and disastrous for many good Americans who got caught up in the FBI’s web of deceit, intimidation, blackmail, and, in this case, fake bomb threats.

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Terrie Holscher is a minority businesswoman from Bozeman, Montana, and is just one of the numerous victims of FBI corruption in America. Her tale is horrific and includes violations of her 4th Amendment rights, 2nd Amendment rights, and damages exceeding $2.5 million, all at the hands of crooked FBI agents Matthew J. Duermeir and Jonathan M. Tjernagel.

The allegations outlined in Terri Holscher’s complaint are laid out plainly in the attached document linked below. Nonetheless, here is a list of examples from the document which highlights the open lawlessness perpetrated by the FBI, and their associates, on Mrs. Holscher and her minority-owned business.

  • Violation of 4th Amendment Rights
  • Violation of 2nd Amendment Rights (including confiscation of victim’s lawfully owned firearm)
  • FBI Stooges coordinated a fake/false Antifa bomb threat to local police
  • Personal and business property seized illegally resulting in excess of a $2.5 Million loss

In addition to the numerous crimes directly committed against Terri Holscher, FBI Special Agent Matthew J. Duermier…

  • Allegedly forged the signature of federal Magistrate K. De Soto for an illegal raid on Mrs. Holscher’s food business on June 3, 2020
  • Allegedly Covered-up federal crimes committed by Robert Wayne Harris for over 4 years. Harris is listed as an FBI stooge in the summons linked below. Here is a link that grants access to the voluminous amount of crimes committed by Harris. Harris Files Link User: datadump Pass: facilitator
  • Duermeier and Tjernagel ignored the crimes committed by Harris, despite evidence provided to them by Federal Agent Victoria Sulenes that Harris filed 38 false complaints against Mrs. Holscher in an attempt to ruin her business and extort her

The factual allegations against agents Duermeier and Tjernagel are as lengthy as they are shocking, so here is a link to the full complaint for your review and download.

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Link to Full Complaint

As illustrated above, the crimes committed against Terri Holscher are indeed tragic. Sadly, her story is not unique in today’s world of financial and political corruption by Federal law enforcement agencies.

That being said, there is a great reason for being optimistic as millions of people in America are waking up to the actions of the criminal class and are demanding real change. Are we living through a “great awakening?” The answer to that can only be revealed over time.


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