False-Flag Alert: LGBT and BLM Activists Form Armed Group at Michigan Capitol


From 100 Percent Fed-up

In an unprecedented fashion, federal armed troops have been amassing in Capitol cities by the thousands around the country in preparation for the 2021 presidential inauguration. Such oppressive militant behavior is generally indicative of dictators in third-world countries who were not elected lawfully and who fear retaliation from their oppressed countrymen.  It is a show of complete dominance over helpless people who have no Constitutional rights.

One such display is taking place at the Michigan State Capitol Building in Lansing.  It is being met with a small band of protesters who have begun to amass.

In a video by BGOnTheScene, a leader of the small group who is wearing an LGBTQ flag delivers a very brief statement while holding a rifle outside a make-shift fence surrounding the state Capitol as a precaution for the Biden inauguration on January 20th.  He is standing next to what appears to be a Black Lives Matter protester in a BLM hoodie. All of the protesters, except the speaker, are masked to hide their identities, much like BLM/Antifa would do. 

Given all of these facts, it is difficult to believe that most or all of the people taking part in this protest are conservatives or Trump supporters.

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