The Capitol Has Become a Freak Parade as Montana Considers “Trans” Laws


[Op-Ed] A parade of misfits, the mentally ill, and personally deceptive “trans activists” have descended upon Montana’s capitol to testify against legislation that would prevent men from beating up women. Another bill opposed by the gaggle of rainbow-bedazzled men sporting both lipstick glitter and five o’clock shadows will prevent doctors from coercing minors into cutting off their penises or, in other cases, affixing one.

For some reason, Montana’s LGBTQXYZLMNOP brigade is incensed that women should be protected from men and children should be protected from perverts. But hey, that’s today’s Democratic Party. After all, Joe Biden just appointed a mentally ill man to the office of Assistant Health Secretary who doesn’t know what gender he is.

Welcome to American culture, circa 2021.

Montana Free Press, which is supported by your state tax dollars, describes the bills this way, “House Bill 112 would bar transgender girls and young women from women’s sports teams at the K-12 and collegiate levels.”

Of course, there is no such thing as a “transgender girl.” That term is as violent towards science, medical facts, and logic as a Black Lives Matter rally on fentaynal. The real term that the Montana Free Press seems to be striving for is “boys pretending to be girls.”

One member of the tranny-gaggle is Zooey Zephyr (left), a young man who unconvincingly dresses as a woman. He is a Missoula resident and former state wrestling champion who wants to wrestle girls like a thug.

However, Zephyr argues that since he started injecting himself with testosterone-killing drugs, he’s not as good as he used to be, so he should be able to beat up girls in the ring.

And while his testosterone levels might certainly be lower than they used to be, Zephyr has twenty years of muscle built up in his body from before he decided to mutilate himself. Regardless of what lab tests show, Zephyr has a clear advantage over female counterparts.

The young man told the committee, “Trans people do not transition to gain an advantage in sports. We just don’t. And I say that as someone who spat in water bottles and wore sweatshirts in the sauna to try to gain an advantage in wrestling.” 

God only knows what else happened in that sauna.

Of course, reality is that boys who pretend to be girls absolutely have a competitive advantage and to deny so is as much an insult to objective reality as the notion of transgenderism itself.

This young man is not a girl, but he thinks he is.

As the photo above demonstrates (or the one below), boys who are trying to compete as girls don’t really have anyone fooled. They’re mannish in every way and win far more often that they lose. Boys have won in female sporting events in track and field, wrestling, and even mixed martial arts. Often times, girls can be seen crying after being beat so badly by their male counterparts. This reality is anti-woman and is a violation of law that requires equal access to sports in public schools between genders.

He’s not a girl, but he thinks he is. Does this look like a girl to you?

A liberal lady pastor (but I repeat myself), Rev. Laura Jean Allen, brought the committee a letter signed by 43 faith leaders from across Montana opposing HB 112. A brief purview of the list contains clergy members belonging to denominations who endorse homosexual ordination and abortion, chiefly of the same variety that passes out Jello shots and condoms during Helena’s Pride Parade. The rag-tag group of blasphemers and religious mockers, the kind who only go to church to satisfy their community organizing fetish, seriously argued that the Almighty is in favor of mental illness (the Bible forbids such cross-dressing in places like Deuteronomy 22:5).

After all, God made them both male and female (Genesis 1:27), meaning one or the other. I repeat, God made them male and female. Wanting to be the wrong gender doesn’t make anyone the opposite sex any more than wanting to a butterfly makes you an insect. Why this has to be explained to sentient creatures, I have no idea.

Another tragically confused woman asked, “I’m just confused, as a parent, how are you going to determine the biological sex of my child? Are you going to do chromosome and hormone testing?”

While I’m glad the woman agrees that biological sex isn’t maleable, I’m horrified that public education failed her so badly. Did she not go to sex-education in sixth grade like the rest of us? Did she skip biology class in middle school? Has she never visited a farm? For the love of all that is good and pure, someone please explain to her how you can tell the difference between males and females as soon as possible. This woman, with unbridled twittery on display, is confused about how sex is determined (ask your family doctor, consult an original birth certificate, or ask your child if they pee sitting down or standing up).

SK Rossi, a lobbyist on behalf of the liberal cities of Bozeman and Missoula, said, “I’m asking you to vote these bills down, leave trans and nonbinary kids alone. Let them and their families thrive here just as they would thrive anywhere else.”

Of course, there is no such thing as “trans kids” or “nonbinary kids.” Rossi might have well encouraged the legislature to leave leprechaun children and Sasquatch kids alone. That’s the point…transgenderism does not exist, and Montana’s public policies should not reflect insane myths. At best, there are kids with bad parents who have mind-raped their children, refusing to reinforce their God-assigned gender roles.

[Editor’s Note: This Op-Ed was contributed by JD Hall]


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