ANTIFA Just Forwarded Their Domain to WhiteHouse.Gov


With their mission to disrupt the social order and install Joe Biden as president now complete, Antifa has forwarded their domain to Biden’s WhiteHouse.Gov

Shocking Americans, Antifa made a bold statement about their purpose and design, apparently surrendering their website address and forwarding it to Joe Biden, their commander-in-chief. The change was noticed earlier today.

Antifa is a domestic terrorism organization which has grown considerably since taking the national stage after the election of President Donald J. Trump in 2016. Since their development, the criminal organiazation has planned and executed countless riots in more than 250 Ameircan cities, burned down public and private property, toppled monuments of America’s founders, commandeered courthouses and whole city blocks. And now, their candidate is in the White House.

Antifa just spiked the football. is forwarded to Joe Biden’s White House page. Go ahead, try it for yourself by typing it into your browser’s search engine.

Although the domain has existed since 1999, it was first redirected to Joe Biden’s campaign page earlier in the year, before being forwarded to Biden’s new home. The Biden Administration has said the domain forwarding is just a “troll” and blamed conservatives.

Biden’s digital director, Rob Flaherty, told the press, “So whoever owns is redirecting it to our website as a troll…[Biden] very obviously has/wants nothing to do with fringe groups.”

However, Biden has repeatedly supported Antifa and signaled that he would protect them from any designation of the group as domestic terrorists, despite the murder, assault, violence, and arson that they’ve perpetrated upon the American people.

In a presidential debate against the 2020 victor (if you don’t count fraudulent ballots), Donald Trump, Joe Biden defended Antifa, saying, “…Antifa is an idea, not an organization.”

However, reality says otherwise. The group is highly organized, albeit it is decentralized. The group is incredibly well-funded by billionaire incendiary, George Soros, through his various money-laundering shell corporations. The group is highly trained and effeciently mobilized to cause havoc and destruction in America’s cities. And apparently, the organization has a domain that they’re using to pay homage to their president, Joe Biden.

Be forewarned: The factchecker fascists who provide bogus “corrections” to news that might hurt America’s Cominterns will tell you this story is false, merely on the grounds that Biden’s administration denies involvement. However, no one has alleged that Biden is responsible; rather, this is a notable news story because Antifa appears to really, really love Joe Biden.


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