Democrat Crossover Caucus Takes Ownership of Montana House


House Speaker Wylie Galt has an A+ rating with Legistats, proving his conservatism in previous legislative sessions. It’s for that reason that conservatives are reeling over his support for adding infamously liberal RINO “Republican,” Ed Buttrey, to the Rules Committee. Buttrey has an F-rating in party loyalty from Legistats.

A motion to add Buttrey to the Rules Committee was opposed on the floor by Rep. Matt Regier and Rep. Brad Tschida. As you can see in the video below, Speaker Galt said the move was to make sure that “all voices are heard” in the name of caucus unity. Of course, Buttrey and his Democrat Crossover compatriots are not part of the Republican caucus in any real or tangible way; they are Democrats who have run on the Republican ticket in order to fool their constituents.

Galt, who said that the move was to prevent an “us vs them” mentality, refused to answer who the “us” was, when asked by Rep. Tschida. He appeared to get testy when asked for further clarification by Tschida, answering with notable inarticulation, “I think it is very clear what ‘us’ means, and I am not going to sit here and let everyone try to get me to do anything that everyone knows the answer to.”

Clear as mud.

Galt went on to say, “We are moving ahead as one party.”

If someone could notify the Democrat Crossover Caucus that we are moving ahead as one party, that would be great. It doesn’t seem, what with their insufferable tendency to shank conservatives at every given opportunity, that they are aware we are unified now.

When it comes to giving the Democrat Crossover Caucus everything they want (and he seems adept at that), Rep. Galt needs to keep in mind US criminal code §2339B, which prohibits government officials from negotiating with terrorists.

The editorial staff of Montana Daily Gazette presume that Galt has a reason for the move that makes him appear more like Neville Chamberlain than Winston Churchill. Perhaps he is serving as an errand boy to Governor Gianforte, who wants the House to be nice and get along in order to pass his proposed pay raise to state employees. Perhaps Galt is genuinely doing what he thinks is best, presming that the Democrat Crossover Caucus will be shape up and fly right if he only throws them every bone they bark for.

But until we know what Galt’s motivations are, they are suspect at best. We urge Speaker Galt to be more candid and forthright regarding the backroom dealings that always compromise to the left rather than to the right.


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  1. All Montana voters need to understand what has happened here today.
    Republicans who voted for this motion must be replaced.
    When a few Republicans vote with all the Democrats to make
    changes that is not for the good of Republicans.
    Randy Pinocci.


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